So happy

That the computers love us finally, but this is not a tournament worthy team.
Matter of fact, it’s not much of a “team” at all.
Yes, the refs sucked today, but we still had every chance to win…and we blew it.
We are 2-5 since Nick came back, and today was beyond embarrassing.
We missed 18 (at least) bunnies today against a team with no shot-blocker…at home…against a team with no point guard.
Nobody on this team can consistently make FT’s.

What really sucks is these are all good kids, but they are so undisciplined…We have supreme talent, but why do we constantly act like fools everytime a foul is called against us?

I think The Squid had a plan today, and it worked…be physical and talk trash. We fall for it everytime.

Eventually, Muss has to look in the mirror and see that his players are mimicking his behavior. He is a damn good coach, but he ain’t perfect.

Seems so obvious to me, but feel free to tee off on my opinion.
Just really, really pissed, and very disappointed at what I saw today.

Should have been a comfortable victory against a hated foe, until it turned into an embarrassment.


I agree with this post. We whine and get taken out of our game and “punked” too often. We act like we never commit fouls. We act like we are a team worthy of trash talking down to an opponent and it feels like we are posers. Injuries obviously did not help this season, but the youth and inexperience has been a detriment and I have to believe Miss will never have this many freshman again and will instead lean more heavily with experience from the portal


We play like a very young team w little veteran lean


dership. If Muss stays I assume he won’t go so young again. 10th in conference from number ten in country is reality I’m afralllll

I’m not one of those who have inside information, but I think there’s a possibility that AB and Walsh may be back, not sure about Nick, but if some way we get these guys back as sophomores we could vastly improve. AB may be interesting to the NBA, but he really needs to get stronger (look at physical changes Tatum made from rookie to now with the Celtics, he’s much bigger and stronger) AB needs to gain some strength and weight. Walsh has to figure out how to finish at the rim. Maybe needs personal trainer lessons from Corliss. Walsh is strong and could figure it out. And add Brazille into the mix, we should be more versatile. The twins and Graham were a wash. Muss wanted to go vertical for blocks instead of Williams taking charges, I’d take Williams back as a wall in the interior back any day.


They have acted like punks all season long and that has cost them. When a player fouls the hogs no problem. Or it there’s a chance to get a F-1 or F-2 no problem they take immediate action and commit the same offense and wipe out free throws and the ball.
They are all just a bunch of entitled cry babies.
It started bad at Vandy and has steam rolled.
This team can’t control playing the game and let the other team push them over the ledge. Devo would have shut his mouth and played on but no he had to act all bad in a 3 point game. Well that was for sure the end today. They are all a ticking time bomb! One of the Mitchell twins lost his mind in a game when Black was going to go to the line on a hard foul and well it offset and he had to sit.
They lack basketball IQ and can’t finish.
I’d they paid as much attention to their free throws as they do getting ticked off they naught be in a better position. They can’t finish and are weak minded.

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I agree with all of this. Muss at times has a big mouth and is a whiner. The team follows his lead and loses focus. When we win it’s fine — we love it. But when we lose he’s under a microscope. He needs to get with it.

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Yeah this team is a hot mess and my advice going forward in the future is to get 3-4 “strong”(go get you some men Coach as Larry Johnson told Nolan) inside dudes that can score and rebound and surround your team with nothing but snipers in the rest of the roster because that’s the way he likes to play. We don’t appear to run much of an offense pretty much just one-on-one and everybody around the perimeter and that’s fine if you got three or four guys who will flat out drill the three but we don’t have really anybody other than Nick and possibly Pinion that can do that…

He will just have to try to teach them to play defense but hopefully he’s found out that if you can’t shoot the ball you not going to win these type of games.

Do you honestly think he didn’t already know that? He’s been around basketball his entire life. As far as players imitating the coach, come on, it’s the coach’s job to be on the ref’s and have tirades. There have been posts on here that he’s not yelling and screaming enough at the refs.

He owns this team and I’m sure he’s not getting what the thought he was getting with any of these players. It’s amazing to watch how many easy shots they miss… We all talk about the talent on this team and every once in a while, there are flashes but we just don’t have that “guy” that can take over a game and create his shot when needed. I had hoped that NSJ would be him, or AB, but it’s just not there. I hope they have successful NBA careers and make tons of money and am grateful they played for us but this is a not a good team… Muss will hopefully get a better Team out of the portal for next year.

Did Muss miss on the evaluation of some of the players he let go during the the first two seasons at Arkansas?

being a big mouth whiner doesn’t get you calls from the refs. Doesn’t get our fans into the game. And doesn’t get his players pumped up to play harder through adversity. Arkansas lost our home court advantage and mussleman deserves a big part of that blame. For all the failures of this season, losing three conference home games, ain’t ever gonna cut it at Arkansas. Only reason we have a chance to make the tourney is because our scheduling guys cracked the computer algorithm not because of some great accomplishments on the court. So how’s this for irony- only reason we go to the big dance is because we were invited to Maui this year, and Muss made damn sure we won’t be invited back there for a very long time with his immature big mouth loser attitude. Creighton sucks this year we should’ve won that one too. Lots of talk about one dones, guess we will see a couple more before we put a pin in this season

Clearly you won’t be disappointed if he is gone then right?

I hope he stays. Curious how he changes. He strikes me as someone who wants to keep making changes to improve, but with some personality traits good and bad that won’t ever change. Certainly there are plenty of choices available to him as far as where he will coach and which players he wants on his team.

What I think he thought was the athleticism and the length would make his defense so great that it would overcome the offensive shortcomings. None of these guys that he brought in were considered great shooters… Pinion being considered the best… Nick is a great scorer but not someone who is a pure shooter so he definitely rolled the dice and it hadn’t turned out the way he wanted or thought it would. I totally understand losing two of your best players for most of the year surely did not help the situation.

I think he will be looking to bring in really really good shooters to play his spread out perimeter based offense. He definitely did not have the pieces to run that this year.


Agreed… I do think he missed on some evaluations, or some guys just don’t mesh with the rest of the team. I do think he expected more of Nick and AB than he’s getting. Oh well, we can do the Razorback fan thing, wait till next year!! :rofl:

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I am reminded of a quote that not all sickness is depth. We have young group of players that have not played together much due to injuries. We have some issues that Muss has talked about since Sept mainly that some folks need to get in gym and work on their game. Shooting threes and free throws have been mentioned repeatedly. So it is what it is and in Sept it looked good. I see more growth needed , not to be judgmental but this first time many of the players have played this level of competition and against great coaches and home court fanbases. Everyone in this conference knows exactly what they have and the team they are playing has, The NCAA Tournament will be different in that regard but as one gets into the tournament shooting free throws and avoiding turnovers becomes greater. I see us being a handful but a flawed team as well. I am sure no coach or team would mark us down as automatic win in such a tournament .

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Amen! I’ve been thinking these guys need to come back; that they are not ready for the next level. I’ve said it too, and the thought wasn’t taken too well. Give these guys more training under Muss, now that Muss knows their weaknesses; let them weight train and set them on the free throw line for HOURS! Convince them that the extra year will put money in their pocket–including Nick. Nick missed too many games to adjust to the speed of the game beyond high school, and one more year will showcase his skills better. He certainly has not demonstrated his potential as yet in a Razorback uniform. I believe in Nick, as I do in the others, but they just ain’t ready. They need to stay.

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Nick and Black are gone as they are high draft picks. I hope Walsh comes back.

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Black and Nick will be lottery picks and can work on their game in the g-league while drawing millions.

Walsh is like Williams last year, can he be a first rounder or not.

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Gotta love message board analytics. Early this year a poster was all over Muss for not getting on the refs and showing emotion. Now he’s a whiner which hurts our team.

All I know is that he’s a really good coach. Like the song says “I do it may way”.


Muss doesn’t get on the refs. He never swings the momentum in our favor as far as the officiating goes. He’s a whiner that refs just don’t like. Most annoying is that he never get his team fired up to respond to referring adversity by playing tougher and more aggressive. They reflect their coach, hanging their head and whining to the refs rather than taking it out on their opponent. He should’ve got Td up instead of Devo.