So happy I am delirious

I am about to watch the whole game again. I have had two Delerium Tremens 20 oz Belgium brews…made myself some dinner (my beautiful wife is playing her violin again professionally…18 months after major cancer surgery…THERE is something to REALLY celebrate)…I’m gonna find some ball games for my computers…and I am gonna sit back and REWATCH THE GAME BABY! I always have the tv synced with the internet broadcast of Chuck and Quinn…so whatever Brad and Gary said, I am about to hear it.


Hogs are good again. Thank you Hunter. Thank you Sam. Thank you staff. And THANK YOU HOG PLAYERS.


So much to celebrate, enjoy!

I’m having a glass of bubbly to celebrate the Hog win and managing to keep my baseball seat. That’s not nearly as significant as defeating cancer, but it is worth a celebration.


Congratulations on keeping your baseball seat!


As happy as I am, Hogmaesto about the win, I am more happy to hear of your wife’s improving health. Great day to be a Hog to celebrate both the win and positive news regarding your wife. All the best to both of you.


I’ve got my Dr Pepper No sugar cranked up,so lets roll!!

I’ll amen to that.

I’m glad to read that your Wife beat cancer’s tail… There’s been a lot of death in my circle of family, friends and professional acquaintances the past 1.75 years and it’s been brutal. So, I love reading that your Wife is playing instead of fighting.

Enjoy your night, that beer and the reply!

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Hey, that’s great news too… Congratulations, I don’t know you but I was hoping you would retain them.

Good for you, Baumbastic Hawg!

Haven’t been to the baseball board today… Something else going on. Have you posted the story on this over there? If not, please do so. Of all the baseball fans in the country, you deserve those seats!

Oh yes, Sam requested DVH be on the sidelines and he cancelled a practice and was there along with Muss. Man do we have some coaches!

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