So happy for Arkansas

Considering everything the State of Arkansas has been through with C19 and the football coaching carousel at its flagship University, the 40-21 whipping of Texas was extremely gratifying. CSP gets it in so many ways. He and his staff masterfully prepared for the epic ambush.
On a personal note, my son was working in the press box and had to keep his emotions in check. However, my daughter was in the stands and yelled herself hoarse.
I taught my children since birth to dislike the color orange and everything related to UT. For them to actually experience Texas week and witness the whupping in person as UA students literally sent tears of joy down my cheeks.
The joy of this victory will last the rest of my lifetime and my family’s. Thank-you CSP, your staff and players. Y’all provided the State and UA fans the best possible gift at the most opportune time!
UA…Campus of Champions


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