So great to hear Bailey

Is playing this well. I LOVE hearing Muss and Bailey talk about his game, how he’s learning what is and isn’t a good shot, knowing his role in our team.
Music to my ears!
I don’t know we have much NBA talent on this roster, but I’m really looking forward to watching this season!


Him and Whitt have been the most consistent players in the 3 exhibition games. Bailey has flashed in the past and has always played with effort.

Bailey has needed someone to tell him not to take the 3! I think CEM has done that! That has been his most glaring weakness. He needs to rebound and play good defense and take his shots within the flow of offense (dunks and short range shots. His free throw shooting is improved also.

Adrio played in 34 games last year and took 12 threes. That means he took one every third game. So, based on that talk, he should take zero threes this year. Let’s see what happens.

Muss has definitely stressed shot selection whenever asked about Adrio. Refreshing to hear.

I don’t have the stats in front of me, but last year he also had a large percentage of 16-18 footers. In the SWOSU game he had an open baseline jumper (guessing around 14 feet) and didn’t hesitate with a clean swish.

I haven’t heard it from Muss, but I don’t think he has a problem with wide open shots if its from FT extended. Adrio has a nice looking shot, but he doesn’t shoot it with range.

I agree. It is more about midrange shots and when he takes them. Because as I said, he hardly shot a three last year. In fact, I don’t remember the 12 he did take.