So from all of this board’s

opinions, comments, suggestions & arguments, etc. Most of the chatter for a HC is Gus, Norvell, Kiffen, Butch, Leach, a little bit of Strong, & now a touch of Enos, with a couple of others sprinkled in.
Does anyone truely feel the quick fix is in that list? Per past & recent/present performances, considering past & present competition and all other variables in between.

Until about 48 hours ago, I believe the next HC (Plan A and Plan B) was in that list. As to your question about quick fix - Absolutely NOT

Tend to agree. We may not be scraping the bottom of the barrel, but we aren’t above the mid section of it either.

Surely someone has been reached out to as far as a coach other than Gus. Failure to plan is planning to fail.

I believe multiple coaches and AD’s have been discussed and contacted. Now, we have a committee

Some very good coaches on the list and some might be able to make quick fixes in some conferences, but very doubtful in the Sec West. WPS

What happened 48 hrs ago to change things? Tam?


Mike Gundy made it known to friends here in OK he wanted the job five years ago. He has not gotten a lot of mention but I suspect he’d still like to get out of the “lil brother” situation at OSU.

I think he is a superior coach to every name on that list. With his only connection to UA or Arkansas being a child going to school at UA…is that enough to satisfy the power brokers who are calling the shots right now?

Probably not

He is who I wanted five years ago

Well, if he wants the job, he needs to let us know he does. I would like Mike Grundy and thought he was the guy 5 years ago.

Gundy or Leach?? Basically Gundy same rumors about wanting to get out of OU shadow. Got himself a nice raise.
Leach took 2 programs that were in the dumps and made them winners. Plus he much more entertaining and would make for better press conferences And he has never had a mullet