So former AR coach Altman looking good

Was he between Heah and Pelhprey I don’t recall.

Our fans may no hav supporterted but a good ouch.


Frank knew what he was doing when he hired Altman. John White’s moronic legacy is alive and well…

Wasn’t here long enough to know him.

But maybe AD at the time thought he had a good one assuming one could recruit and had chance with fan base.

It’s all about timing.

Must have been really bad for him to have left so quickly.

To this day I marvel at how bad things must have fallen.

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Love your posts, hahaha but that was written in May 2014, don’t think there feeling that tonight

Impressive win by Oregon. I thought Kansas was going to win it all.

Not sure if he would have done well here. We don’t have Phil Knight and Nike to draw recruits like Oregon can. Even Monk was looking at Oregon and it was possibly his second option.

He’s a good coach with a dish rag personality. He probably would have done well enough here to land what he considered a better job in two or three years. Dog House John was probably about as good as anybody to come in and be the clean it up coach. He was probably never going to win big here, but he did some things that needed to be done. I’ll always be grateful to him for that. I’m happy with the coach we have now and am really looking forward to these next few years.

what did he clean up exactly? and why was mike short a scholarship due to a sorry apr score after the regime change?

There was a drug culture and lack of attending class culture that had to be turned around.

It was to an extent and then the current coach finished it off.

I have very rarely criticized Coach Broyles, but this is one of those times.

When Coach Altman wanted to discuss the issues, Coach Broyles was already back in Augusta and did not have his phone on him.

According to native Arkansan, USA Today sports writer and proud Razorback antagonist and keep-it-realer guy, Altman just got freaked out by the Hog Call and left.

It was probably just an attempt at humor but Wolken is rivaled by only Goodman in terms of getting in digs on the Hogs.

Don’t worry, I bet “Coach Dana” don’t recall being here either.

Seems like if Dana really wanted to talk to Coach Broyles, he would have waited till Frank was back at the hotel and reached him on a land line…