So far, we have mostly dominated the 4th quarter ------------

------------------ showing good condition and toughness and good depth in the defensive line paying off late in games. Our top receivers and pass rushers are all from the portal and they seem to be settling in better each game. KJ is doing a very good job of taking what the defense gives, mostly throwing accurately (that lone interception was our TE Knox fumbling a good pass) standing in the pocket and running. MizzouState sold out to stop our run and he made them pay as the game went on. Running game is good and getting better. (Expect addition of DJ to be significant against A&M.) Special teams are improved and could get better still.

Injuries in our secondary being exploited is going to force us to out score folks to get wins. Our defensive line is just not strong enough to allow going to a lot more zone to help cover the passing game. Odom will just have to gamble more and get creative to compensate and good teams can take advantage of that but hopefully not too often.

We are a good team with some very good strengths but still thin in some key spots (secondary, tight end, & defensive line). We are way ahead of schedule on Sam’s restoration of the program. We just took the best shot from a very good coaching staff and a reasonably good team with a mobile QB and talented enough receivers to hurt us. It was their Super Bowl against a hated neighbor. We were looking ahead some and still survived pulling away. If this is our “ugly win” for the year, I am very satisfied with that. Go Hogs.


We’re dead last in FBS in passing defense. I don’t see how that can be remedied much, this season, besides having great offensive play.

Addressed this very point in my thread pass rush feast or famine. We are going for, and getting, more negative, drive killing plays. But we are also playing more man as a result, and with Slush out (and Cat out for the season) our safeties and nickel are getting abused.

I am not a coach and have no idea how to fix the existing situation.

Now, for the life of me, I cannot understand how so many young men, who have played so many games over their career, seem to be unable to even get close to covering a receiver. Receivers often run by our DB’s like they are invisible. They catch balls and there is nobody within 10 yards of them. We rarely ever look back for the ball to play it in the air. Seems like there have been dozens of times where the opposing QB has simply missed wide open receivers who were several steps ahead of our DB.

Rant over.

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