So far very good

Hitting free throws. Hitting threes. I like the rotations, everyone getting plenty of rest.

I like 50

Our DPG is down. Dissapointing.

We are stroking the ball though.

It’s gotta pick up in the second half. TPG is killin!

Thankfully OM is terrible at defending the 3.

Three dunks so far, two by Dunkiel Gafford.

Motion much much better. Very active moving without the ball.
Glad to see C.J. Back!

OM plays zero D

These guys struggle to stay mentally engaged.

DPG was a wash. We struggled to win.

When this team is playing like they’re capable of they are so much fun to watch…and hard to beat. They just need to keep up the intensity for both halves… Hopefully this is the start of a nice win streak!