So far so good

defense has been excellent, some of that thanks to Conover. Offense was sluggish, some caused by so many missed shot. Offense closed out the half very good. I look for a solid 2nd half and a relatively easy win.

a little surprised we didn’t see jaylin.

My first sight of Conner and I love his domination underneath.

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He’s playing great. Obviously not SEC guys inside but he’s altered tons of shots. And he snags the rebounds that pop up in the air. Good hands.

Connor is going to be a defensive force against any team that wants to slow the ball down and play half court ball. He’s been great in this game.

Vanover is the difference in this game

Once things get going, I can see where Conner gets a lot of time against teams trying to play slow tempo, and then not getting as much time in a really fast tempo game.

Defense was very good, offense way to choppy no real flow, have to move the ball better, don’t understand why K K played so little and Williams not at all. Good win but got lots to work on.

Couldn’t watch. Did we play zone, or did Connor get all those blocks and boards in man?

Vanover’s presence won this game, but Muss has plenty to bitch about. Too many missed layups and free throws. I’m not quite sure why Jaylin and KK didn’t play more.

Really? The word “bitch” needs to be approved? C’mon, Marty. I didn’t call anyone anything. I just can’t think of a better word to describe Muss’ reaction to this game to his team.

Jeremy, the rules are not set up by individuals. Matt has established a list of banned words. The system recognizes them and puts your post in the approval queue. In this case, I approved it as soon as I saw it.

All man, while I was watching. I only missed a few minutes early.

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We played man and he did a good job of waiting to the last second to Jump and had several blocks but they really had nobody to really challenge him. He can be presence on Defense but a Real powerful big man will give him trouble but he definitely can alter some shots.

I’m not going to complain at all about a 15 point win against this good team. Muss had some brilliant tactical moves against them. Some full and 3 quarter court press, inserting Connor in the starting lineup, some good backcourt traps, Etc.

But. It is a bit of a head scratcher for me that he didn’t give more minutes to KK. Especially when Tate had such a poor offensive game. Tate did though, play good defense. I saw early in the first half why he pulled out KK on one really poor defensive play. But he basically sat him the rest of the game.

Thank you, Marty. I’m not trying to rock any boats.

I still don’t understand why KK didn’t play more, and Jaylin didn’t play at all.

I can see some really smart teams trying to get him into foul trouble early. But…he seems to play really smart down low.

This was a decent team we played tonite, but Connor won’t be able to dominate more athletic teams. I love his skill set though. Not sure we’ve ever had a player like him.

Muss is blessed with great depth this year. Why not use it?

Who should have payed less?