So far, it looks like a pretty nice class with good balance.

I count 16 commitments:

DT- 1
DE- 2
LB- 2
S- 2
CB- 1

QB- 2
RB- 1
WR- 2
OL- 3

Possibly two more left- a LB/S and a DE.

Any surprises???

Actually have 3 QB’s when you consider the ex pro baseball player.

Holding on to Parker was big. even though when he committed people weren’t too impressed until Texas, Texas A&M and others offered.

I think Clay alluded to this. But my neighbor (a TCU fan) says Aune is a complete stud quarterback. I think he was committed to TCU out of Argyle before going to Yankees. I’ve sung the praises of JSJ. And let’s not count out Cole Kelley. But Aune could well be under center the first game. Anxious to see what he has.

The QB room is going to be very very crowded with I believe 7 guys sitting in it. Surely someone is heading elsewhere after the spring or summer one would thing. Let the competition begin!

I think the coaching staff did a great job of putting this class together with the time they had to get it done! :smiley:

I agree, They have done a very GOOD job in a short amount of time…

Yes they did a very good job considering. I am pleased!

I don’t want to be the Debbie Downer, but how can we rate this class anything other than what it is, 14/14 in SEC (and don’t say that is only because we didn’t have 20 signees cause we’re at the bottom on the average ranking of each player too)… I WANT to like the class and I’m sure they’re all good (uncommon) kids, but this the SEC!!!

If you go of player rating, we are higher than Mizzou, Vandy, and Kentucky.

Is that good, or something to be proud of? No.

But, it just shows even in our worst year, we are still better than them.

Next year it will go up.

I agree. All I’ve heard is how great these guys are at recruiting. I look around the league and see supposedly inferior recruiting staffs killing us. I don’t recall us ever being this low in the recruiting rankings.

And, while the got a late start, plenty of others did, too, and had much better results.



It makes me happy to see you so miserable. Watching you snipe, bellyache,moan, groan and otherwise be a malcontent about CMM just because Jeffie and his boy got canned is hilarious. Seriously, guy has not coached a game yet and your harder on him than a guy that finished last in the SECW 3 tines in 5 years.

That’s the funny part. You’re too stupid to recognize satire–satire that is aimed directly at–and is commentary directly on–your nonstop years and years and years of whining and jumping in every thread and turning EVERY issue, loss, decision, recruiting failure, #Uncommon, etc into a bash.

Now, someone else is pulling the same schtick. Kinda insufferable and completely annoying, huh?

Years? Last year during that terrible season. BB was a sinking ship and underachiever. It was not going to get better.

The name calling begins.

I think Elmo and Notorius pig are brothers, cousins, something.

I think they did good in the time they had. I believe the earlier signing period was a killer for a new staff coming in. Next year they will be able to take advantage of that This year it was definitely a disadvantage for them. If they can land the DE Friday then I’d say that would cap off the class in a big way. If we have a decent season next year(6-8 wins) and show recruits the direction we are trying to going, then I suspect the next class will look much different.

it better or the CCM tenure will be shortlived… just sayin’!
CBB was a terrible recruiter… did not make many offers and was late in making them at that!.. I’m impressed with CCM so far. He is going into places the previous staff was scared to go. CCM was the FIRST SEC school to offer the 2019 QB in Sardis, MS. If he keeps casting, he will land a lunker!!! Several SEC schools have offered him now. I believe his name is Jefferson… Those things (being the first to offer) go a LONG way with kids!

I like what I see. I like that they covered the bases for most positions. I’m not sure whether we have addressed the “speed” issue on defense, but then, we have other players on the roster who have speed and haven’t yet been on the field, so maybe with new coaching, they’ll bring it. Given the amount of time and small class size, I think the coaches did an admirable job. I’m excited to see a change.

I think I will wait for results on the field before passing judgement on the new Coaches and their recruiting thus far.
If Chad can do more with less as he has in the past we can only go up. Hopefully Chavis is the answer at DC.
But this is the SECW!


People need to go back and look at what Nutt signed his first year here. It was absolutely terrible. Later he had the Robert Johnson class that was abysmal. They signed absolutely no one that year. If half this class pan out we can recover from this. We need to clean house instate for 2019, this is critical.