so everyone knows 51 has pass protect problems

and got fooled by LaTech schemes and blitzes, which begs the question of how much damage can TCU inflict (little better D reputation) before an answer is sought. I thought that having Ragnow and Rogers in together would such a solution since each is responsible for making line calls and could therefore make the appropriate adjustments needed for whatever front they were facing. As I think I remeber, Rogers at C and Ragnow at G was a possible/probable/predicted lining up before Raulerson came and 51 progressed. I have big time trepidation waiting to see if Hjalte can prove his coach right that he doesn’t repeat mistakes and learns fast. Austin took some really good shots that do add up and stick with you over time and by all media accounts the drop in play to the next on the depth chart at QB is really scary, so I think that Anderson has gotta max protect him as the DL’s get bigger, faster and more prone to arrive with evil intent. Only takes on time letting Hjalte proving himself to be an astute learner to change the season in a heartbeat.

There are two 51s. Ellis also wears 51. So I assume you are talking about Froholdt? I saw good things from Froholdt. I did see a couple come inside of him and Skipper. I will be interested to hear what Bielema and Enos say about Froholdt’s pass protection. I also saw others give up pressure. I do not think you can dump all of them, or is that what you want to do. I’m interested that no one is saying anything about some of the others that gave up pressure.

Right on Clay!

I am concerned about the o-line too…in the short term. Long term its obvious to me there is talent. And we know they have a great o-line oriented head coach. Experience and reps is what is needed. I personally wish TCU were not the opponent this week. But it is what it is.

Skipper whiffed or appeared to whif a time or two in pass protection.

What cannot be assumed is who the responsible party was in every case.

What you can assume is that recognition and communication among the line will improve each week. What you can also assume is that Skip Holtz did the offensive line a huge favor. There will likely be more improvement while the linemen are sitting in the film room this week than while they are going through reps on the practice field.

One of the national guys, who commented on the game, actually credited the sacks as the fault of Jackson, Ragnow, and Skipper. He actually didn’t point fingers at Froholdt. I haven’t rewatched the game, but those that have was it all on Froholdt, or is he just the scapegoat?

I saw Jackson missed a couple of assignments.

This is what I’m writing about. Clearly, some see things that others do not. Enos said that two of the protection problems were on the backs for not picking up an outside rush. You see them go by the right tackle, then you think it’s the right tackle. It wasn’t. It was backs.

Enos said one of the sacks was on him (as the play caller) because they left the end unblocked on a naked bootleg. Tech changed the way the end played at halftime and that was a mistake on Enos for making the call to leave the guy unblocked.

In the descriptions from Bielema and Enos, the protection issues were two times with backs, once with a tackle and then there was one between Skipper and Froholdt that has to do with poor communication and recognition. Take your pick on who you assign that to. There was a run play that Froholdt didn’t recognize a change in fronts. That was on him.

Froholdt graded in the mid 70s, not all bad. He was given credit for a protection “on a difficult technique” for a guard on the winning touchdown pass. He moved and set and got his man and allowed Austin time to make the throw to Sprinkle. They ran behind Ragnow and Froholdt for the clinching play to Kody Walker on fourth-and-inches. So that’s two of the fourth down plays that Froholdt did his job and in a critical point of the game.

Yes, he did not make some adjustments on his pass protection, but the other one that worries me is Colton Jackson, he worries me more than 51…

I thought one group that had some struggles in pass protection were the running backs. They missed on a few pickups.

As for everyone dumping on Froholdt, I knew it was coming. Basically, most people repeat whatever the color analysts say. Never mind that when Feoholdt knew who he has he dominated them in a dynamic way that most OL can’t match.

It’s all about the tv coverage effect. I bet people all across Arkansas are mispronouncing Deatrich’s name, too.

Ha. I see this, now. As I suspected, RBs struggled at times. They have to clean that up. And, it’s also probably a big reason why Whaley and Hammonds didn’t play much. One bust or fumble in a tight game can cost you the W.

Those 2 will be important as the year progresses.