So enjoyed hearing Coach Bret on Bo's Show

Very nicely said Neastarkie.

Point is, he and anyone else using the word as he is doing and “your meaning” are simply incorrect. In and of itself agenda is not a negative word. Include an adjective such as “negative” with the use of “agenda,” then you are good to go.

You use adjectives to communicate more clearly one’s meaning. Of course I know you know that.

The below is from Google:

a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting.
“the question of nuclear weapons had been removed from the agenda”
synonyms:\tlist of items, schedule, program, timetable, itinerary, lineup, list, plan, to-do list; trademarkdaytimer
“the next topic on the agenda”
an appointment diary.

Boarbarian, have a ton of respect for you and I’ve never met you. Do know what your profession is and highly appreciate your contribution.

I have most of the same wishes and thoughts you express about believing and wanting to believe the Hogs can rise up again. However, I do wonder about our leader. Good man, but this league and the trends of college football I don’t think will allow him to catch up, IMO.

Seek, I’m with you. After being at the Belk Bowl and seeing the fury in many hardcore fans, I have, as I have previously posted, adopted the “show me” approach to CBB and the team for next season. Hoping for the best, but holding my judgement until I see the team play actual games in the fall. I’m not attending the spring game nor believing any preseason hype.

This definition based deflection is funny. The reality is that some of you are continuously bashing or negative towards our coach and AD, and some do it so much it looks bad for the program. I have every right to counter an opinion and terribly negative views. I am sorry but none of us should get to operate in a vacuum.

What’s funny is you pretending to be objective. Good laugh at that one. Keep up the comedic relief!

Whatever…you seem awfully upset all the time. Are you ok?

Very good point that has nothing to do with my initial post regarding your use of the word agenda.

But since you bring your golden boys up, it appears that you think BB and JL are allowed to operate in a vacuum and without criticism? Not likely.

Upset? Not at all.

I truly do get comedic relief at your continual, non-strop barrage of sniffing CBB’s five pound farts and breathing out lilac-based fantasys of your opinion of the state of the football program. The beauty of this board is you can go back and see what people have said previously and then see how that compares to how things actually happen.

I don’t believe you were part of the old HI board, so we didn’t have the privilege of all your football wisdom until July or so of this year. A couple of your more comical comments I can recall off the top of my head, because I belly laughed at you when you espoused your wisdom upon us knowledge seekers that marvel at your football acumen.

The thread you started, “Our Football Program is Surging” (dated 7/15)", in which you posted 15 times, making comments like these: “The staff is intact and better than ever”. “The depth we are creating is amazing and feels new to me”. “We are 2-3 deep in the secondary, D-line, WR, QB, LB is becoming a very solid group with Hackett, Jackson and Eugene”. LB is solid now, there are players who can relieve Greenlaw and Ellis to keep them from playing every snap". “The OL will be ok early and good midway into the schedule”. The influx of talent is changing the competition dynamic on this team, the level of competition has improved so much, some of the players are being pushed more than they expected". “Anyone who follows recruiting can see the change in the depth of the bottom of the classes now, that is why our depth is SO IMPROVED”. “O-line has quality depth and building more”. “I remember in he past on the O-line it came to praying nobody got injured”… All those are direct quotes from you.

And after your aforementioned “We are Surging” quotes, we played the season. We surged all the way from 8-5 to 7-6, while fielding the worst defense of any team IN OUR HISTORY.

God if someone had the time to research all your work, we could probably get you a gig on ESPN. Another one that literally made me belly laugh, was the week of the Bama game when you assured us, all was well, that our true freshmen DL Agim and Capps were going to wear down Bama’s offensive line in fourth quarter. Again, go look it up, the thread is still there. You can’t even make that up, it’s so funny!

I think the comedy is hilarious but the part about you being objective takes the cake! Do those quotes sound like they came from someone being objective? Do they sound like they came from someone that knows anything whatsoever about football?

Some of the guys on here with the non-stop negative agenda’s do get old but your nonstop rhetoric about how great everything is also nothing but babble. I don’t think those guys who post negative things at every turn are objective and I don’t think you are either.

I’m not angry at CBB or anyone else, I don’t hate CBB. I don’t want him fired now or after the season or after next season. I have a vested interest in the program just like about everyone else here does, just like you do. I’m ready to see him turn it around but that isn’t going to happen on a message board, it’s going to happen on the field.

I want to SEE it on the field, through the course of an entire game, an entire season. Not part of a game or the second half of a season. I want us to able to withstand something bad happening and keep our composure and win a football game. Start and finish a season and win 8-9 regular season games on a consistent basis. I know every year isn’t going to produce 8-9 win regular seasons, but that should be what we aspire to achieve in my opinion.

I am like Jim Daniel, Razorbackangler, JGage and few more who want to SEE it for themselves on the field.

Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey.

This is a lot of work for someone to go through all of my posts. What is funny is that you have done this before about the same posts of mine. You are at least consistent. I am upset that I was so wrong in some of those posts, but the last and now you go to a lot of trouble to dredge it up. I am glad that it makes you feel better to attack me and tear me down. It says a lot about you to go as far as you did.

Do you have an agenda that happens to be negative? I know I have an agenda to be objective with a very positive lean. Where did I say JL and CBB get to be in a vacuum?

You continue to misread your fans!

If you’re going to stay in sales, you have to do a better job at reading people.

I would pay extra to HI to read your work!

Top Notch comedy!

Well, I will have to ask Clay to give me a cut of the revs.

This thread has been swirling around the bowl and hopefully is going down.

Good try, Boarbarian. You are a great Hog fan.

Some perspective folks: AR is ranked 8th in the league in coaching salaries. Our stadium is ranked 9th in the league. Our recruiting is 9th. We are 8th in the league in total football budget. (LSU’s budget is $25M more than ours, Auburn is $18M, Alabama is $35M more to give you a few data points). Another side note, our football program made a $17M profit in 2016 by the way.

One thing we can really brag about is our facilities, which ranks in the upper tier. I think you get my point. Why do we expect to out-perform others with below average resources-- because we are special? Well I’m here to tell you, all the other teams think they are special too. I know we love our Hogs and, as passionate fans we hope and expect great things, but there are a majority of other programs in our league who are loaded with talent (players and coaches) and invest greater resources than us. I like CBB and the program he’s building. He does seem to be “outperforming” from this perspective. I like the kids in our program and enjoy rooting for them. I was happy with the steady improvement and was really hoping we could notch one more win this year and continue that trend. I hope that 2016 turns out to be a temporary setback and that we can continue to build a solid, steadily improving program that can get us into the top tier of the conference in the next 3-5 years, but we need to take off the rose colored glasses and realize that it will take significantly greater investment of resources to get there.

That is some sobering data you gave us.

I guess that was a complement -

But yes - MY original note to open the thread still stands


“[color=#BF0000]The “Show Me” approach” there has to be a better way of saying that - but yes - Lets see the product on the field

as I wrote in the beginning - I’m starting to beleive its not the Coach that is the problem - Its us

I hope I’m wrong and I’ll happily admit it when Arkansas wins an SEC title in FB[/color]