So enjoyed hearing Coach Bret on Bo's Show

I listened to Coach Bret discussion on Bo’s show (pod cast) about this recuiting class

Coach Bret explained where the program was - Dead last # 14 in SEC his first two years

Then throw away those two years

And Arkansas progress shows how

  1. Our Hogs are tied for 4th place since
  2. Had Arkansas won one of its last two last losses Ark would be tired for 3rd place
  3. Had Arkansas won both those last two losses Ark would be tied fir 2nd place in the SEC

Folks - I wish I had been smart enough to see that

Really puts things in perspective for me - that jump from 14 to 4th is huge

Reassures me that we have the right coach doing the right things

Not saying there is no room for improvement and I’m not satisfied with 4th place

But I’m very happy to be reminded of the positive movement

Looking forward to the future

Thanks to Bo fir giving Coach Bret the platform to remind me how things have improved

The 2 + 2 analysis is something I have been talking about for a while. I know someone has an agenda if they are grading CBB for all 4 years. I usually see lovers of Petrino, Gus, or HDN that are taking swipes at CBB for all 4 years. His first 2 years were a nightmare handed to him by JLS and Petrino. We were getting better the next 2 years.

We now have fixed the talent issue in the back 7 on defense and the Oline. The Oline talent is more of a shuffling combined with a talent infusion. Ragnow coming back plus Froholdt getting comfortable to add to experience by Wallace and Gibson is going to be a visible improvement in spring and summer camp.

Hog Treat

TYSM for keeping it positive

I’m hoping

You have a much better chance of winning with a Senior at QB, so I think this season could have some added positives. AA is a great QB that suffered with a bad Oline protection. The Oline will be much better this year, thus we should be able to hold on to the football for long drives.

CBB would be enjoying a much different off season had we not lost the last 2 games the way we did. After those two halves of football, he deserves some doubt. I’m not saying he can’t get it done. I like the guy. He’s making some changes that need to be made.

The 20/20 illustration certainly shows improvement over the first two years. He is trending the right direction But I will say evaluating a coach on his entire body of work is not agenda driven - it is reality. This is a critical year.

Sometimes that is true, but it’s completely unfair to judge anyone from Day 1 if there are external things that significantly affected Day 1 through whatever day the prior external influences should have been overcome. Had he taken over a program in great shape, had 2 great years & then seen a fall-off, that would mean there’s a problem. You take the same W-L record but change where they fall & it gives a completely different picture. So, yeah, while the entire body of work is “reality” it doesn’t mean the conclusions we draw should be the same. People who point to his “entire body of work” at Arkansas are using facts, but they’re using them to mislead.

I agree with most of what you said, except that I just don’t agree that everyone talking about the full body of work is using that to mislead. It is what it is. I know some are, but not all. We all know what he inherited but that team was not completely devoid of talent. The people who can only cite the first couple of years of his tenure are certainly agenda driven. Most of us can see the improvements being made across the organization. I just don’t believe that last part of your comment in entirety.

I think that’s a fair criticism. You’re undoubtedly correct: not everyone is using them to mislead. Perhaps I should have said everyone using them is either trying to mislead or is not thinking them through as thoroughly as they should.

I think it is accurate to say that some of the loudest negative posters and critics that use the full body of work appear to have an agenda. It is pretty obvious when they won’t even discuss the last 2 years.

The vast majority of this board knows the first two years had many factors outside CBB’s control and pretty much dismisses the results and those that reference it even though it is the reality of W/L’s. But last year’s reality was a step backwards in terms of what CBB prides himself in (toughness, defense, O-line, mental focus, penalties, and game finishes). That has to give him and the fan base a pause on where the program is and that’s also a dose of reality. This is a big year for CBB (there is little danger of him being let go for two more years) to get back on the rails with the mental aspect of the team and fans in general. It won’t take 10 plus wins to realign (that would be sweet) but he has to take control again and not have the type of embarrassment witnessed too often in 2016. Hog fans have a tendency to fade out of negative and into the upbeat around April and the spring game.

You make agenda sound like a dirty word. Google it. Probably every one who posts here, whether you view what they share as negative or positive, has an agenda. Just saying. . .

The guy talking about “agenda” has a bigger agenda than almost anyone else on the board.

You make a good point seeker. My agenda is to be objective with a lean towards positivity as I do my part to protect the value of the brand no matter who is the coach.

In context, the word “agenda” means casting things in a misleading but negative light. And you can “just say” everyone has an agenda, but that’s simply not true. Everyone probably has “an agenda”, good or bad, at some time or another on any number of things, but it’s unlikely everyone who posts on here has an “agenda” other than to support the Razorbacks. People who regularly cherry pick facts or present misleading ones have a negative agenda. It should be clear what the term implied. Just saying…

What would that be?

Not talking about you sir.

I think the players, particularly on defense, just couldn’t muster 110% effort when they did not believe in the scheme of the defense. I think the former DC lost his players and they would begin the game playing towards that game’s scheme, but by halftime lost faith in that scheme and saw that the halftime adjustments were inadequate to stop the train and just sorta gave half effort.

Works for me. And the change in DC means it will never happen again. Right?

“You make a good point seeker. My agenda is to be objective with a lean towards positivity as I do my part to protect the value of the brand no matter who is the coach.”
Hog Treat

I can support this and I see that in your post

I’m of the very strong opinion (agenda if others will) that the brand deserves protection

I’m convinced that after a half century of “Hog call’en”

That it may not be the Coach that is the root cause of Arkansas problems and failures to reach national contender status

Not excusing coaches - they are significant to success

But resources




Fan base /State image / brand

Conference status and politics

Are all influential factors and a Coach that is fighting up hill against short hands in even a mean of those areas of influence may be in a disadvantage

A coach only really controls a couple of those - the rest has to managed like a deck hand and some deck hands are cut a card short

Arkansas may be cut a couple cards short and a good or great coach has little room for error but a bad coach it goes ugly quick

My hope is to See Arkansas Win a clear title and be a national contender - success can even the dealing of some of the cards but until then - there are a lot of short deals and bad hands to play

I have a strong intuition that Coach Bret is the right guy to build Arkansas to match its full potential

Now what does that look like?

I have a hope and it’s great

I have a fear that it’s not possible and that makes me sad

I’m choosing to hopeful - Looking at going from #14 to Tied for 4th in the SEC gives so me a lot of hope that I will see greatness at Arkansas again - better than 1964

I guess in the end that’s my agenda

You could be right, but I have my questions. Why would they lose heart at halftime in a scheme that had held opponents to one score in the first half (if you’re talking about the last two games; if not I apologize)? Otherwise, you may be on to something…

Boar I am jealous that I didn’t pen such a great post. I am sick of the internet inspired cynics but they have a right to voice their opinion. I choose to voice mine in support with objective basis. I learned a lesson in being so focused on the coach during HDN and Petrino. I screwed up in supporting HDN to an extreme then switching to the “dark side” of banner flying fans. I saw the ugly side of those actions and how they damaged our brand image. The Dark Siders convinced themselves and everyone that saw their continuous posting; that the possible damage would be overcome by hiring a great Coach. All the while you had Gus Malzahn supporters and congregation forcing their agenda. I like many fell for the information of Jimmy Johnson, Gruden, etc. The banner flying movement took on a life of it’s own because it dominated the media and message boards while normal people were too busy working 40-60 hours a week. I decided that I would not fall for that again after the Petrino mess. I loved Petrino at first and believed he was telling the truth for a few days until the evidence came out. I saw how fans became divided between ethics and winning at any cost. I also see the over 50 crowd that remembers us winning in the SWC, and miss the days of winning 8-10 games. The SWC winning dynamic causes some unreal expectations while we are in the SEC (Unless we cheat like AU, OM, UF, Tenn, A&M, LSU, etc). I knew then that the program has to be the focal point and needs brand image protection. Objectivity with a positive lean…