So Dudley?

I understand it’s a fluid situation on possible basketball transfers or not. My question is there any back up plan if anyone does transfer or is it too late in the game to find someone that could actually help the team?

Not Dudley, but they have been proactive. Doesn’t mean they would get who they want if a spot or two opens up, but they haven’t been sitting on their hands.

Unless it’s Gafford or Hall transferring…I don’t think it matters who transfers. We will be fine.

I totally agree. Hall is my 2nd favorite player


CMA has at least 2 5 star players stashed away waiting for someone to transfer.

Very little known fact, but he does this every year since Qualls departure caught him by surprise.

Where were they last year when we signed Gabe?

Before the rumors - and since - the staff has continued to recruit prospects just in case.

You go into each off-season planning on somebody leaving because it is just a fact of life.

As I have noted several times, if a spot opens up I expect it to be filled by a graduate transfer big or a junior college big.

If two opened up, I would be surprised it is not saved for 2019. You would then have two for 2019 with the expectation that Gafford would move on to the NBA.

What people fail to understand is that regardless of backup plans, it matters when the spot opens up. The prospects cannot wait way into summer waiting for a spot. They have to secure a scholarship as soon as they can. For example, Rotnei Clark transfer.

Dudley or anyone else…can you explain to me (if you have any insights that could be shared…and I realize the answer may be “no”) why in the world would Hall want to transfer? Unless he and Mike have a personality conflict, I would think he would see that next year he will be “the man” outside of Gafford. Hopefully that is pure rumor.

CJ makes more sense. I know that Anderson has pushed him to improve on defense…and CJ seems to just not be a fit for our style of defense, honestly.

No particular insight on this situation, but it occurs to me that Hall wouldn’t be the first kid to transfer, not in search of more PT, but of being the alpha dog, the #1 option.

I was thinking about that. I wonder if Hall is homesick and sees UALR as the place where he can be home and also be the alpha dog. He could be The Ron Huery for Darrell Walker and kick start the Walker era. Hall can dominate the Sunbelt.

Only way it would make since for Hall to leave and have to set out a year would be if he is about to be ineligible next year anyway.

Hall is a popular player with the world ahead of him at the highest levels at Arkansas.

Can smaller programs make the tourney sure as Chicago Loyola has proven.

But it’s a big gamble for a young man to transfer.

With Hall and Gafford and CJ, you have a nucleus to make NCAA’s in eleven months together with some talented youngsters.

vs rolling the dice on career going somewhere you don’t have 19k sold out backing you at home with a rep like BWA.

Unless CJ’s ball handling improves dramatically over the next few months he will continue to come off the bench behind the freshman as a instant offense.

I picture him next season as a Al Dillard sparkplug …a zonebuster of sorts.

If his dribbling hasn’t improved so far I wouldn’t count on it improving much better next season…he won’t start over Joe, Embery, Garland, or Sills

How’s it working out for Jimmy?

I am so hopeful that Garland will take the court for the Hogs next year but has anyone wondered if his health issue will possibly go unresolved and the Hogs and this talented young man may have to call it a career? Could this be the reason we are pushing forward with recruiting? Lord I hope he is fine not just for basketball sake --hope this young man has a long and successful life.

It very well could be Khalil never takes the court again, if that is the case, it will not be decided this year. Dudley has already stated that CMA was willing to give Garland a second year (this year). If he cannot get cleared this year (18-19 season) then it would be discussed about calling it a career.

This is one of the reasons I don’t believe the Garland transfer rumors, unless someone is guaranteeing him he will be cleared at their school (I’m not sure any coach would be willing to jeopardize this young man’s life).

As for the other rumors, that’s what had indeed been confirmed, that there are rumors.

I’m told that Darious believes and told some friends that he should have played more minutes than he did (519) and really believed he had one and done stuff.

I do not think he has expressed that to the coaching staff.

Most kids ranked where he was probably think that. Question is whether or not they act on it thinking grass is greener on the other side. Now some coach will have to guarantee him that he will get starter’s minutes in two years after sitting out one year and stick with the guarantee regardless of what happens in two years.

Odd thing is if he stays, he could be two and done. If he leaves, at best he will three and done. Does not make sense if he does decide to transfer. If he does transfer, I think there is something else no one is talking about.