So does Arkansas drop in any Polls?

I think the Razorbacks played better than expected but will they drop in the Polls?

Now on to beating Mizzou

Probably, but not deservedly


I can see us staying in…probably about 25. No way we should drop out


I wouldn’t be surprised to see us stay in. Shouldn’t drop much.

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Utah will move way up after woodshedding Oregon. UTSA barely remained unbeaten. Can’t think of any others that would be likely to jump over us.

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Happy to see the Nike boys get beat.


I think Hogs may move up or stay where they are; that was an impressive performance against #2


Now that would be wonderful - move up and beat Mizzou and that should move Arkansas up again for a better bowl game

I would guess stay the same.

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Any thoughtful voters will note how much better we performed vs. No. 2 Bama than we did six weeks ago against No. 2 Ga. and might even vote us a notch or two higher. Or not.

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Well ESPN dropped Arkansas out of its top 25 but I think this poll is controlled more by number of TV sets than actual performance

ESPN poll is the coaches. But don’t let me stand in the way of the paranoia around here.

CBS poll for 21 Nov Ark remains in top 25. at # 22

The coaches poll awarded Arkansas outstanding effort against number #2 Bama by dropping the Razorbacks 4 spots to #26 out of the poll

Ok Razorbacks are hanging in there

I wonder how many assistants simply vote for the coach in the coaches poll ?

I would think that performance last night would of kept the Razorbacks in the top 25

If we beat MU, we will be in the final pre-bowl polls. That’s a huge step for us

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Arkansas is the only four loss team in the polls.


So easy and safe for pollsters to put teams in with good records from weaker conferences.

Most would not make it through our schedule at all.

I dare say Arkansas is better or as good as 2/3 to 3/4 of anyone ranked.

If pollsters were picking the actual best teams.

But that’s just me.


I agree. We’ve played 5 teams in the current top 25: A&M, UGA, OM, MSU, and Alabama. We are 2-3 against them. We are 1-1 against teams who were once rated. Don’t tell me UTSA or LaLa are as good as we are.


That’s a great observation Dudley

Do you think it’s because the sports writers / community actually watch more of the games than the coaches?

Oh I agree - beat Mizzou and see how far it helps

No doubt Arkansas has had and can have an even better phenomenal season with a Mizzou win

What a great step forward