So does a Tide loss

help us at all??


Bama hasn’t lost

In fact they have snatched control of the game

Unbelievable drive to tie

And Auburn gifted them 40 seconds by not staying inbounds

All a Tide loss does is cost us money. Because if the Tide were a 1 loss team and lost to Georgia in a close one, I think they’d still make the playoff. But if they go in with 2 losses and lose to Georgia, no way a 3 loss team gets in and we lose the money generated from being in the championship series. I think thats somewhere in the neighborhood of 20M. So Arkansas’ share would be around a million.

Its not over yet, so we shall see.

Exactly… player awareness at that point should be NEVER go out of bounds. Slide down early

Not to mention that an Alabama loss pushes us to liberty bowl

And prior to that Auburn was snapping the ball with 10 to 15 seconds left on the snap clock. (Not that drive, but late enough in the game that they should have been running the clock as much as possible).

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The two main teams screaming for an Auburn victory are Cincinnati and Notre Dame

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How often do you see a team play like their heart has been ripped out when the other team comes back and ties it after a mistake.

Shades of Arkansas in the College World Series.

You just cannot give Bama even a glimmer of hope when you have them down

Mentally Bama has already won this game

Should’ve gone for 2 to win. Harsin screwed up.

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What a game…

I know that.

Just playing what if…

Auburn hanging in by their nails

There’s a reason Auburn is 6-5. Bone headed plays.

If Alabama loses to Georgia, then based on what’s gone on right now in the playoff voting, either Michigan or Cincinatti would have to lose for them to get in. I think a 2 loss Bama team is out, if they get in with a lot of 1 loss teams right on their heels, then the committee is a bigger joke than we thought.

General, can’t say I disagree with that, but its Bama and they seem to always get the benefit of the doubt and get in. Call it Bama Bias if you will, but it sure seems to exist.

Bama Bias occurs south of Lexington. There is pressure on the CFP to (a) put Cincy in the field and (b) not put in two SEC teams. The only way we get two is if Bama beats Georgia.

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