So do you suppose

… that since there will be a celebration of the National Championship team, the court will be renamed in honor of Nolan? It would only be appropriate.

It would show some class if that were the case. It’s been a long time coming.

Would be appropriate & hope it gets done while Nolan is still with us.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

It would be easier to answer if I knew if objection of anyone in particular has prevented this so far. If that is not the case, not sure what could be the issue.

If they are going to do it eventually, I hope they do it during Nolan’s lifetime.

I asked HY that question on Twitter. Let’s see if he spills the beans.

I surely hope that will happen.

Much deserved.

I’ll keep pushing for naming the court after Richardson and having a statue of him outside the arena. Can one of the writers inquire about both?

I agree about the statue and court, but I also believe the Practice Facility should share his name

That’s it. I don’t think our media has put enough pressure on the administration on this issue and other issues such as closed practices. We need media that covers college sports to be as aggressive as the media in pro sports. Universities get away with so much. Fans can only do so much. Media has the attention of the administration, if they can just capitalize on it.