So do we stick with the 3-4?

I could not tell if it was helpful or not against TCU.

Seemed at times we gave up quite a bit up the middle.

not going to matter what defense we get in our DL are going to get blocked plain and simple! the 3-4 to me is much easier too block unless you have a very dominant NG and we don’t and I had made mention of that before the season,all our NG were very easily handled yesterday…

the 3-4 is better for stopping the outside run game but not the way we play it… we line up our tackle inside of the OT which makes it much easier to be reached by their OG which then allows the OT to then seal you LB get a kick out by your FB and off to the races you go…everybody else that plays the 3-4 plays the Tackle head up which protects your LB on outside runs

Youdaman…one thing that seemed better with the 3-4 was to contain Hill (for the most part). Of course their line knocked us back allowing 5-7 yards on almost every carry. But no big plays by the QB.

What do you think?

We did do much better on the quarterback draws but they were gashing us anywhere 5-6 yds a run so he really didn’t need to try that.they were very easily able to go outside on us because of what our alignment was.

The defense was better yesterday than last year!

Nichols ran 3-4 against TAM and shut them down with their front three until 4th qtr. will see if we can do the same in two weeks. TAM has Qb issues too right now.

The defense is not the issue. Texas A& M had their freshmen QB get hurt against UCLA and he is out for a while. That’s the reason UCLA came back and won! If we can’t beat A&M we may not win another game this season. They are horrible. Well of course we looked horrible yesterday too
The 3-4 isn’t the issue.