So do we root for Alabama or Auburn........

If indeed our number one choice is in play.

Seems if he wins, he may be less likely to consider with big games there, and we may risk our other choices waiting around.

I have a hard time rooting for either program myself.

But this certainly could make the Iron Bowl more interesting to Razorback nation.

Tie and the stadium burns down.

As I understand it. W or L does not matter with Gus.


I’m rooting for Bama. We need them to win out to make it into the football playoffs undefeated.



Auburn simply because I’m as sick of the Saban worship as I am of Calapari

I’d like for Auburn to win to create as much turmoil as possible in CFB and the Gus Cult. I’m mean that way.

I hope they play 25 OT’s and it 8 am when they call it a tie. There are multiple reasons I do not root for either team. Neither one have a hog on thier uniform and they are our enemies.


Asteroid (as in hitting stadium right at kick off)

Auburn. Do not want Gus. To tired to type all the reasons

I tend to root for the underdog so I’ll root for Auburn plus I’m a bit tired of Alabama winning so much.

Auburn because I think - hope- it makes it more likely Arkansas moves on to Norvell. However, if Gus is coming either way then getting a coach that just beat Alabama and Georgia back to back will be perceived as quite the coup and hopefully will make a big impression on the recruiting trail.

Then there’s the Gus worship. Mainly here.