we have a chance?....

with rawleigh’s younger brother or will his injury and outcome have any decision on whether the brother is recruited by us or even signs to play ball?on the one hand…standing by rawleigh to keep him on scholarship to finish his education is a plus/other hand…the thought that possibily the staff "allowed"him to get injured not once…but twice(don’t believe that for a second…but believe another school might stoop that low)would be a negative.any comments and opinions would be welcomed.

Nothing has change here. Hard to recruit against Arkansas with the way it was handled.

If any school is to blame it would be the one that created the injury on an illegal tackle. The second injury was with minor contact, which could have happened at any school.

Richard’s answer confirms what I’ve felt about CBB and his staff. He cares for his players and they know it.

In no way, shape, or form can you say the staff had anything to do with the first injury. He was grabbed by the face-mask from an opposing team’s player and dragged to the ground by it. Nobody but the opposing player is responsible for that one (although I doubt it was intentional…excessive, yes…but, not intentional). I believe you answered yourself on the second injury.

I would have to think RWlll’s situation and how it is being handled by this Staff and this University would strengthen our chances with little brother, especially from the parents point of view.
But nothing is ever written in stone when recruiting these kids.