we get consideration in the top 25?

after tonight’s win and a record of 11-1;do we start getting votes and/or show up in the top 25 rankings now?think we’ve played as tough or tougher schedule than Auburn and Tennessee.thoughts?

Not yet. Beat TAM and in. Just keep winning and rankings will work themselves out. Don’t need to lay an egg next Saturday. Follow this game up with a win at home for the fans and will get exciting.

I think we should be. But that was a huge resume win.

I think you’ll see Arkansas get more votes in the AP poll this week. I’m not sure if it will be enough to get ranked, but I think voters will take note of beating Indiana on the road.

We will definitely get votes. Always interesting how voters vote. There are a couple of teams with two Top 25 wins but have one bad loss. They have votes, but are not in. We have no Top 25 wins, but have no bad losses. Let’s see what they do.

Tennessee will drop out on Monday. Auburn is feeding off last year’s finish plus they have not lost.,

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I just want to see good effort. We got that tonight. Never quit. Only playing 7 players. I like that we keep our best players on the court for more time. At the end of the game, I am surprised they aren’t gassed. Good conditioning I guess. Regarding rankings, I like it as much as anyone, but let’s see what happens in January.

I still worry when we start playing two games a week starting the week after. Last three games have been. a week apart. Maybe these guys are fitter than most players. We will see.

Gary Parrish thinks we’ll be in tomorrow’s “Top 25 and 1.”

I think we are in pretty good shape. We play D all day. Indiana bigs were dead tired most of the second half. As was most of there team really.

I’m not convinced we are a top 25 team. I’m also not convinced that some of the teams in the top 25 are either. So comparing us to them doesn’t work for me. I’ve seen us play as a top 25 team. We are getting there. I’d rather beat TAM next Saturday than be ranked in the top 25 heading in to it. Every win from here on is going to be grind for us. It shouldn’t be if the opponent isn’t top 25.

It will be interesting to see the new NET and RPI rankings…those changes will likely occur a week before any inclusion in the top 25.

Sunday night is not a great time to get a statement win, trying to get ranked. I wonder how many writers and coaches already have their top 25 ballots sent in by now, since they come out around noon Monday. If Indiana had been ranked, we might have made it. We may make the NET top 25 (we were #33) if several teams above Indiana (#30) lost this past week. I would think Lunardi will move us up in his bracketology from a play in 12.

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In fact as of Friday Lunardi had us in first four out.

It was a good win, but to be fair we were picked to finish 11/14 in conference and conference play hasn’t started. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be excited, but we should understand that real basketball is just starting. Indiana was game 1. We are 1-0. Let’s see what we do from here.

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I’m thinking the number of home losses thus far by Indiana is a significant number.

I figure they will be in the polls this week. I think winning a road game on Sunday has always been a great recipe for gaining steam in the polls. Now, the fact that it wasn’t over until after 7 p.m. may hurt a little.

We are Indiana’s only home loss. They had a huge Top 25 win over Florida State, but then followed that with a blowout loss to Wisconsin. Otherwise they would have been in Too 25.

We should be considered - but I don’t think we should expect to be in. Too many other deserving teams to leap over. Keep winning and leap over a few teams at a time.