So do they

wait until black Monday to put CBB out of his misery…

I don’t care when they make the announcement, but under no circumstances should we stop him from coaching the last two games. I just don’t like the idea of sticking an interim into the role. It hasn’t worked for Florida & won’t work at TN (even if they manage to beat Vandy.). I want CBB to have the privilege of hugging his seniors on Senior Day. I like the man.

It won’t serve our program to send him out before the last game. All it will do is feed the bloodlust of some of our meaner fans.

A middle ground would be to announce he won’t be returning, but will coach the last two games. This would end the debates - though I think those for the most part are now over - about whether or not he should return and puts the focus solely on supporting the players and allows both the school and the coaching staff to get on with what comes next.

This happened at FL when their AD and Muschamp held a joint PC and he finished the season coaching two more games.

I’ve copied a link to a Florida press release that describes how it went down.

It almost appears the BOT is giving CBB a chance to finish the season and qualify for a bowl. He just might be retained, if that happens. The MSU game will be the decider.

I’m honestly ok if the Hogs win out and CBB comes back.

I agree. I’d kinda like to see the 2018 version of the 3-4 with Pulley back, M. Brown, Cam Curl, Calloway, Agim, Guidry, etc, and an offense with a more mature Cole Kelly, Chase Hayden, T.J., Whaley, WR group, healthy B. Martin, Cornelious back, TE group, OL with more mature Clary, and maybe Dalton Wagner (maybe with a new OL coach) looks.

I agree 100%, of course now all the CBB haters will give his record and dismiss all those injuries as crap

I agree that CBB should stay if he wins the next two games & gets us to a bowl. I just don’t see us winning the last two games. I really don’t see us winning one of them. Nonetheless, I want him to coach the last two games. And I have no problem with Jackson’s suggestion that the announcement is made earlier but with him still coaching the last two. Obviously, since he might be retained with a 6-6 record, there’s no reason to announce it until after another loss. If he might be retained at 5-7, which I doubt, you don’t announce it until after the MU game.

One of the things they’re talking about on SEC Now is that Jones had several top-rated recruiting classes at UT. If so, there’s obviously something else wrong there. We haven’t had those kind of recruiting classes—although they’re better than they’ve shown on the field this year. At least I guess that’s true. Except for USC, I’d think our other SEC losses have been to teams who’ve had higher recruiting class ratings.

We don’t stand a chance. Why wait

According to the 247 Composite ratings, of the five recruiting classes that could have played in the game at Columbia, the Poultry had higher ranked classes than ours in four of them. Not a huge difference (8th to our 9th in 2013 for instance), but still there.

If I’m not mistaken they played against TCU and we seen the same stuff as last year…He refuses to play certain players, why I have no clue…He started the year with a kicker that is scared of his own shadow while he has one with ice water in his veins on the sideline…Doesn’t have a clue how to get players in a rotation… Dumps the backfield and hands the ball to a tightend not 1, not 2 but 3 times and the 3rd time he fumbled… I dont about y’all but I’ve seen enough of this story… Give me another book.

Had enough of Bielema ball, don’t want him back regardless of how this season plays out.

Interesting how you call out the “haters”. The CBB defenders seem to be as vitriolic, if not more, than anyone.

I really have a feeling CBB comes back next and coaches.
I sure hope there are changes on the staff if he comes back.

I don’t hate or love any coach. I’m a Hog fan and i don’t care who coaches them but i also think this was going to be a bad season before all the injuries.

That sure as hell didn’t help

You’re going to have to give some examples of vitriol from CBB defenders. I haven’t seen that.