So disappointing

To lose like that this early in the year. Kind of takes wind out of fans. I realize the cupboard was bare, but I wonder is morris would have gumption to replace a couple of offensive coaches. He had a hard time picking a starting qb last year, hope he settles on starkel for rest of year. We just don’t look well coached and seem to have no plan on how to score.

I don’t know him, but I know some people that do(even from Texas) and the idea people are floating that he’ll play favorites is absolutely false. If he believes something isn’t working, he’ll make a change. I think you’ll see a different team going forward.

A telling thing announcers said. They said every time we were in a certain formation we ran the same play. They smirked, think ole miss coaches know that. Btw, we got stuffed on the play.

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Because we’re fans we tend to overlook the truth (young team putting in a new system) and want to win every game. We read the articles on how the team is progressing and want it to mean we are going to win a bunch of games…While the truth is we are progressing, but that won’t mean we’ll win more games.

The process is:

  1. Get DUDES
  2. Start to compete
  3. Then win games

CM is getting #1 done…this year we need to get see if #2 can happen…I believe #3 won’t happen until next year or even the year after…then we should be a consistent 8-9 win team, with a chance to do something special every 3-5 years.

I keep reading this. Per 247:
2019 class was 23rd
2018 class was 49th (hard to pin that on Morris given his late arrival)
2017 class was 27th
2016 class was 23rd
2015 class was 22nd
2014 class was 29th

The list goes on and on. At some point we’ve got to quit falling for this BS that our current coach is some super recruiter. We had an article a few years ago talking about how well Bret Bielema was recruiting. The article touted him as the best recruiter since Frank Broyles. Yet, his average overall class rank was almost identical to the previous regimes. Morris’s class last year is almost identical in rank to the previous three regimes.

I am hopeful that we have the right guy in place, but this idea that he is some hot shot recruiter seems dubious.

Again, see Mack Brown. That is a legit direct comparison of programs, and of coaches. Who would you rather have right now? And please don’t (not hog2009, but everyone) give me any stories about MB being the UT coach. They are gonna be fine there. We haven’t had a glimmer of hope on game day from the guy we have.

I can’t in all honesty say I want Mack Brown as our head coach, but I would much rather have the staff he has put together.

I’m not saying that either, even though I did ponder it during the search. But the guy is a winner. I don’t care how old he is.

2009, there is a formula of how much % of recruits make the NFL based off star ratings. I call them elite players. 16-19 classes (our SR-FR this year) we were at the bottom with 11. However six of the 11 was in the 19 class. Ole Miss had a total of 14, 4 in the 19 class. So we are getting better players. Problem is our studs are young. If he can keep getting them the talent will be there, unfortunately it’ll be 2-3 more years before the talent becomes effective.

By the way, for those wondering Bama’s Elite players = 36. 11 on offense, 11 on defense, 11 on ST, a LS, P, K. Wonder why they win as much as they do?