So...did we set a record?

with the number of offensive fouls between both teams tonight was it an SEC Tournament:NCAA game:or just an SEC/Razorback game record?

I doubt that’s a record anyone actually keeps, but I’ve been watching college hoops since the early 70s and I’ve never seen that many charges.

Refs got a little caught up in calling charges. A few really questionable charges called against both teams. I don’t remember any blocking calls except one who another ref overturned because the defender was in the circle. Moses, I believe, took 6 charges. That might be a Razorback record.

According to a game story in the CoMo newspaper, there were 15 charges called. I’ve probably never seen more than 10 in a game.

I have… never ever ever in my long long life
seen so many charges on one single night.

For some reason that rings close to an old tune I know about a knocked kneed sailor and his bow-legged wife. If you understand then cool beans… if not I cannot explain more.

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I tried to reply to this thread earlier, but those refs hit me for two charges before I could get to the computer. I still say the cat did not have his feet set either time.


I thought all the charge calls were spot on. At least, that is the way I would have called them.

Coach had a nice analysis of the charges when asked postgame: they were mostly a result of 2 good defensive teams moving their feet well and staying in front of their guys, as well as a few ill-advised drives by the offensive players.

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It was like “don’t drop your shoulder”. It didn’t seem to matter whether the defender was set, just that the offensive player initiated the contact. Yet, they let each team mug the other on regular plays. Win is a win. Just need to get to the foul line when the field goal attempts aren’t falling.

There is a misconception about the block-charge call that a defender can’t be moving. As long as the defender is in “legal guarding position“ (that’s the term you often hear referenced by announcers), they don’t have to be “set”. It’s a matter of which player initiates contact. I’d say majority of calls last night were correct. Defensive players were moving laterally without reaching in or coming down with arms. Offensive players were the ones initiating contact.

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Somebody should put together a clip reel of all the charging calls from last night’s game and forward it to Rex Chapman, who often invites his followers to make the call “Block or Charge?” on his (excellent) Twitter feed.

Yeah, a lot of shoulders being dropped. You go into somebody shoulder-first they’re gonna call charging every time.

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