So, did the runner leave early?

I was at the game and, like the four umpires I wasn’t looking at the runner on first (of course, it wasn’t my job to watch him) when Spanberger caught the foul ball in the seventh. Did he fail to tag? Leave early? Was it obvious? Is that a reviewable play? It could have turned the game.


The Arkansas coaches and players said after the game that they watched their game tape. He did not. He tagged, then stopped. Then began again. If you looked after the bobble by Spanberger after the catch, you see him stopped a step or two away from the bag and he doesn’t go back. But he had tagged with the initial catch. They Arkansas coaches and players say it was a good call and that they were wrong to argue. They also admitted that they didn’t really know at first.

They only showed a quick single replay, and that is what I thought when Isaw it. I did not want to agree, but I did shut up my shouting at the umps from 400 miles away.

They showed the reply a couple of times and mentioned exactly what Clay said. It was a good call.

The ball down the right field line on the other hand…looks like a blown call.