So did Stoerner really

say that Brian Wallace is easily the 2nd best lineman on the field after watching the film?

He played a solid game. There’s a reason he started 10 games last year, and played very well at times.

He and Froholdt are close, I’d say they are even.

Bielema really needs to explain why it took him 6 games to play the kid. His stubbornness is gonna cause him his job.

Had nothing to do with his physical talent.

How does a guy who started 10 games up and forget the entire playbook?

I just cant buy that he doesn’t have the mental part. I watched him play last year and he looked solid, there’s got to be more to the story.

Would make more sense had we not watched him start 10 games.

I thought he explained the reason in the preseason with CKA communicating with him in a headset during practices. Apparently, it was a mental issue, not a physical one. By moving Ragnow to right guard, he could communicate with Wallace a little bit more closely. Some could ask why it took so long to make that move, and it may have been for a couple of reasons:
(1) CBB wanted Ragnow to have an opportunity to be the best center in the nation. It is his best position.
(2) It may be that CBB didn’t feel comfortable with Rogers at C until that game.
Who knows? We may never know.

I really don’t understand why him and rogers were not playing from the beginning, sometime it seems like BB just does not want to play his best players! I understand the walk ons are out their competing and playing hard but starting walk ons are not going to cut it in the SEC 8 times out of 10… Play your best players!!

I have heard from multiple sources that Bielema decided to make the line-up change. Basically trumped the position coach. I have no idea if this is true. I keep hearing that though…

Its NOT unusual to let a position coach decide whom to play. Head coaches coach the assistant. The assistant coaches the players. Its the Broyles/Bryant/Hayes/Paterno/Royal etc etc model. I do recall Bielema saying “sometimes you can focus too much on technique and just go play physical.” That’s I though there may be something to these rumors.

In any case…its a good development.

About time if he did that, and also think its going to give an entire new lift to the offense!

There are a lot of things that may cost Bielema his job, but stubborness isn’t one of them. He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation.

Do you seriously think Bielema would put his job at risk just so he could keep a kid on the bench?? Doesn’t make sense at all.

Agreed. He is many things, but stupid and a coach who tries to lose are not two of them.

It astounds me that anyone that has an internet connection
seems to suddenly believe they are ‘entitled’ to know everything.

Ok, so why was Wallace not playing then? The kid played 10 games last year and this year, he does not get it?? Something about that just don’t sound right

People are allowed to ask questions :roll:

That Brian Wallace was not getting it done in some area - practice, retention, playbook, classroom, discipline.

All of those would seem more plausible than a coach holding a grudge or wanting to lose games.

I can understand classroom or practice and benching a kid for a quarter or a couple of games but I’m not buying playbook because he started 10 game last year and he understood it, but this year he forgets everything… That’s one of the reason that Allen stays hurt is because the line that was in front of him was below average. I don’t think its a Grudge but playing walk-ons in spots, is hurting no one but the signal caller…

So many who are calling for Wallace to play forget that his play last year was not very good. Certainly, playing gave him experience for this year, but my point is many were complaining about his play last year. I can understand the questions, but I’m certain had Wallace been head-and-shoulders above everybody else, he would have played. Had he been better by just the hair on his head, he would have played. Coaches play the best they have, especially when their job is on the line.

Can’t agree with that one, because you can’t name one person that has played better than him in his position all season… I just can’t go from starting 10 games , then on the bench…

I didn’t think CBB was a good hire from the get go, I vocalized that he was disingenuous in regards to up tempo offense and his recent actions and statements bear this out, and I look forward to his dismissal ASAP if things continue on a downward trajectory…

… but to think that he is purposefully trying to lose games or putting a lineup on the field that he thinks is less than his best, is laughable and I question the sincerity of the idea.

The keyboard may allow a fan to ask 14,999 questions. It doesn’t mean
the coach will or should answer any of them. You are not entitled to have
your questions answered.

Get over it.