So, Davis to LSU?

In a lot of ways, it’s great news. It shows that there is tremendous success in the program–that winning is being built throughout the entirety of the program.

Good luck, Brad–just not against us.

Know Coach Davis is from Baton Rouge and this is a free market and he has the choice to take whatever job he wants, but this seems a bit different. I think if I were looking at Davis in the future, the timing of this job change would stand out to me. Right at the beginning of the opening of the on campus recruiting and after some commitments have been made. Pretty sure him saying he was all in with my staff would mean much to me. Oh well, onward and upward.

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Dudley/ RD, how was Davis as a recruiter? With Kennedy brought in as a recruiting ace and promising OL coach at TE, was this a move initiated by Sam to encourage Davis to move on in a nice way so Sam could bring in a top TE coach/ recruiter?

A relative of one of our OL recruits posted on another board that Davis made the decision to leave so he can be closer to his parents. His father has been in and out of the hospital, and he wanted to return home and be near them.

Davis said he knew he might not be making the best “work” decision, but he felt good about being close to his parents again. Praised Pittman as “the best in the business” and encouraged our highly ranked recruit to stick with Arkansas.

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Obviously the details and reasons often are not always out there, and while he need not justify his reasons to me or many people, it does sound like there are circumstances that might have impacted the timing and it does sound like he is trying to do it in a good way.

This makes me think that Brad is a good man and a great son. A much more important thing than the fact he is also a great OL coach.

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In his note posted to Twitter this morning he referenced his family:

“I am disappointed to not finish the journey we began, but I am excited to return home to my native city and enjoy my parents and siblings.”

A great coach with an awesome personality. I hate to see him leave but family is a strong pull.

Have no problem with anyone going back home,epsecially with Aging parents.

“Was a strong a$$ offer!” :rofl:

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