So Cronin...

Seems to have come back as strong as ever

He’s looking good. I’m glad he’s now got that 5 run lead to enjoy in this 9th. Got the first hitter out, but followed with 4 pitch walk. We need to watch his endurance here

Good time to go get him.

Stuff is there, control isn’t. Yet. Glad we could bring him in with a little cushion. I would have hated to throw him out there in a 1-run game.

Stamina ain’t there yet. He just got tuckered out.

Glad to see him pitching again. He makes the team better

The gun in the stadium read his first pitch at 96 mph.

He was throwing Gas! For not pitching in a while he looked good. His control will come! When he got tires he was done.
Maybe next week he can go an inning on Friday and maybe an inning Sunday. He needs the action.

I was, quite frankly, very surprised that he came out to start the ninth - based on DVH’s comments prior to the series. Just as they had taken Campbell out before his wheels started to wobble (a pleasant surprise!), I thought they would evaluate Cronin’s work over one and 2/3 innings pitched and conclude that they had seen enough, then pull him before he ran out of gas. Which is exactly what happened.

It’s good to have him back. That stamina will build, but till it does, we have a 1 inning rock star of a pitcher to add to Reindel and Loeske

I told a friend at the time Cronin wouldn’t start the 9th. I understand why they gave him the chance, but it became clear pretty quick he was spent. He’ll likely be much better by next weekend & probably full strength by the next.

I thought they pushed it too! The same way they pushed Campbell last week.