So Close!

If we would have won the 3rd Florida game, which we lost by one run, we would have been SEC champs and the #1 seed in the SEC tournament. It’s baseball, so many close games. We are as good as any team in the country.

The hogs just needed one more win in the Florida, Ole Miss, Georgia, and LSU series. That would have been the difference.
There one thing to keep in mind. We haven’t had a mid week series in a couple of weeks. There are pitchers in the bullpen that need to be sharp for tournament time and this weekend we seem what a lack of innings does to thier sharpness.
The hogs will be fine!

If we took the series from the Gators, Tebow would have cried…

if your Aunt Betty had a mustache she would be your uncle Fred…just got to execute the fundamentals better on the road.