So CCM had a meeting last week

and had to get on to them because they were complaining about hard practices??? Really???

The story gets deeper and deeper about how bad Bret was.

I can remember the fear of long hard practices when we played poorly, even when we won.
Play hard on Saturday is all it takes - crybabies.

Why did we have to pay out tons of money if CBB had lost control of the program?

Because Jeffie (and others) either screwed up and allowed the Razorback Foundation to have a more lucrative buyout calculation than the public version of the contract or he willfully misled the BOT and others by having a public contract that did not align with the Razorback Foundation ( not subject to FOI) contract.

I believe Tommy Boyer is the one that figured out the incompetence/deception and it was all she wrote for Jeffie.

While I did not like seeing our QB on the ground all night, it was good to see his linemen picking him up as they should do. For some reason that did not happen against N. Texas. Perhaps this renewed esprit de corps was a result of an old fashioned tent revival come to the Lord discussion at the football complex.

Problem with some rumors are they aren’t true, but are taken and run with as if they are because fans are frustrated and just looking for anything else to be mad about.

Well I’m sure the coaches watched the complete film of the NTS game. Not just the trailer that DJ provided to us.

I’m sure they did, too, but was there a special called meeting or just a typical coach “Come to Jesus” meeting that happens in film rooms on practically every campus every year. I have no doubt that Bret could have done many, many things better, but not buying into a new system is on the players. We still don’t know from a valid source that such a meeting occurred unless confirmed by somebody connected to the program.

I won’t believe it until someone with insight into the program tells us. Elmo?