So, can we sell out Florida and get back on track?

This may be a time for all hog fans around the country to come home and rally this program.

Not sure. I had us beating Florida at the beginning of the year. But their defense is pretty stout. We cannot be held to 25 yds rushing again and win.

Less than 300 tickets about 2/3 weeks ago, now I don’t know how many show up…

If you don’t show that’s an embarrassment.

Doing our 3rd annual Daddy/Daughter game since her 2013 graduation. Fired up Lets go HOGS

I just counted 273 tickets available at the UA website. Now that number does not include the ticket exchange program.

Considering coming up from Austin with daughter

I will be there with two of my sons. Looking forward to it. Not afraid at all.

I am crazy after we got dropped by 50, but I think we heal up and fix a few things and Florida comes in a little over confident and banged up and I think we beat Florida before a sold out crown on CBS and get program back on track.

Mitch Petrus said it best." The o-line needs to play with superiot effort". Play with superior effort through the whistle. Get a pissed off attitude. If the Hogs want to play a smash mouth style. They need to quit talking about it and go out & do it. Tired of this OLAY crap ending wth AA getting hammered. Ridiculous!!! They may not get it right EVERY PLAY or play perfect every play, but they can give perfect effort EVERY PLAY. After Saturday I question their pride in being a Razorback- Maybe CBB needs to show them the Brandon Burlesworth movie & throw Remember the Titans in there as well. The same goes for the defense. You can’t play in the SEC and not be able to tackle in open space. 9 returning starters & leaks like a sive. Terrible execution of game plan. Terrible adjustments by the coaching staff. Even aganst Ole Miss (the Hogs best game this season to date) it felt that at any moment Ole Miss would bust a big one & Ole Miss helped the Hogs a lot with lack of their own execution. Thats why Coach Freeze felt that one slipped away from them. I love the Hogs- but if it walks like a Duck & QUACKS like a Duck!- Well!!!

Like I said, and the ticket exchange is for tickets already sold.

Yep. I just updated your numbers.

Just looked at ticket site again. Didn’t go through and count, but it looks like they sold a few seats for Florida since my last look.

Bielema took his players to see the Burlsworth movie five days before it was released.

I certainly don’t question the player’s pride. That’s questioning their integrity as well.

The execution? Yes

Letting go of the rope when down at Auburn? Yes

Mitch was very passionate in his remarks. He also played with passion and several great OL beside him.

Superior effort is one thing. Ability to do it is another.

I’m not trying to be a smart A here but what is the difference between letting go of the rope and not having pride in being a Razorback? I’ve always understood “letting go of the rope” to mean giving up.

Our SEC record against Florida has been consistent.