So can we drop off a bag of cash to make NCAAs?

Just kidding of course.

But with so many apparent cloudy programs from Baylor to Auburn to some of the blue bloods many believe are all in with shoe companies and recruiting issues - no one ever seems to face justice.

Can’t we get credit for missing NCAAs like roughly 15 of last 22 years or so?

Ask for mercy from the committee for a once great program?

Making the tournament used to be our birth rite. I feel sorry for kids of the last 20 years who don’t know what the program used to be like.

Hope Muss can keep his first real class together and bring us back. I think he can.

Kidding? Why?

Isn’t that how LSU turned their program around?

Those that are in the crosshairs of the FBI scandal won’t get the last laugh’.
Pearl at Auburn has already served a couple of show case penalties handed down from the NCAA in the past he is in line for a big time hit when they get to him!
Will Wade at LSU was in the cross hairs of the NCAA at VCU before he arrived at LSU. So his actions last year and LSU putting him back in the HC position puts them AD and school in position to get lack of institutional control among other Strong Xxx offers than won’t seem worth the short lived success!
Bill Self at Kansas better hang on to this postseason it may be their last for a while. The NCAA was given all the bullets to come down on them with both feet! Self will probably be in the NBA or overseas this time next year.
There are more that could be added to this list and none of these should be allowed to compete in any postseason tournaments!
For our Hogs and Coach Musselman this has been a year of transition. The team will look much different next year and the missing parts especially inside will be on floor. Depth and quality point guard play I think will be on display.
Year 1 under CEM has been a good one and could have been better if Joe would have stayed healthy.
The future is bright.

Hate to disagree Army. The NCAA has no interest in punishing teams like LSU, Kansas, MSU or Auburn. Money is thier motivating factor not integrity. Of course they will punish smaller schools like Detroit Mercy. They don’t fill the NCAA coffers with money. The only way for Arkansas to compete with sleazes like Wade, Pearl, and Howland is to fight fire with fire. That means paying players.

Won’t happen at AR… Our AD Y does not look away from criminal aspects of a program in any sport. He is into being involved and forward approaching things and keeping integrity. A $$$ penalty to a school or scholarship reductions will not escape the news media for YEARS to come and will always be a scar on a program’s integrity. Not at Arkansas with Y at the helm. We can be in the top 10-20 of any sport with quality programs, respected by players and parents of those players and fans alike and not have to “Sell out” to money people and behind the scenes payola crud…

It’s gonna take sanctioning programs for 5 years or more and stopping post season bowls and tournaments for the cheating system in college to cease. The major college offenders need to take a big hit which has not really happened yet. Pete Rose’s issue was not a big problem compared to some things today… the best hitter in baseball’s past history. And recent stealing of baseball catcher’s signals with binoculars and audio devices and hand signals, etc. Sickening …. sports fans!

You realize the LSU AD is untouchable in this. The former AD suspended Wade, then with pressure from LSU’s BOT reinstated him, and then “stepped down.” He’s no longer at LSU. This AD is safe.

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