So body fouls are OK?

If that was not foul at the end, then how was that a foul on Hannahs on the and one? Ridiculous!

Yea, it was a foul, but they are at home and it looked good in live action. TBH that was kinda Macon’s fault. He was trying to go for a dunk, he’s not a guy that can dunk while he’s going full speed, he was to kinda stop and gather, when he did the stop and gather he allowed the defender to catch up. He should have just layed it up and he would have had it.

The no call when Hannah was tripped and his arm pulled down beat the other no calls tonight. The ref was right there. Called it out of bounds to give TAM back the ball. Refs should not try and determine the game when their is under 3 minutes. Terrible no call. You could see Hannah’s arm being pulled away. I guess he was looking at his watch? Still won but I get tired time after time when these refs turn a blind eye on some but not others. They should deduct their pay everytime they miss a blatant call. Lol.