So Auburn is on

their 3rd ex AR ST Head Coach. Will he eventually be fired like the other 2.

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Maybe, bur we know Freeze is a great hire for Auburn.

If he beats Saban and wins more than one national championship, he’s a great hire. Otherwise, he’ll be fired. And if he beats Saban 3 times and wins 2 natties in his first 4 years and then loses 4 straight and finishes with single digit wins, he’ll still be fired.

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Coaches are hired to be fired.

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The question is, what is the over/under for when Freeze is fired I set it at 2.5 years. :smile:

Read where they are expecting bad storms and tornadoes in the Auburn area next 24 hrs and saw where someone had also predicted a Freeze warning which is something to keep a eye on.:joy:

Sounds like Freeze should not hold back on his salacious calls; he is going to be fired anyway.

Almost every coach will be fired – unless they leave for a better job. Not many better than Auburn. So, yes, he will likely be fired.

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I’ve thought the same thing about our job. Sam will retire, I think after another couple of years. Then we’ll hire his replacement, and chances are pretty decent that we’ll fire him within five years.

Agree on Sam’s retirement timeline. We’ll see if we are correct.

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The problem is that every new coach is going to be the one until he isn’t. CSP took over the program at its lowest point in memory if not its lowest point in history. In that short time he’s taken us from a program that gave a coach a contract extension following a 6-6 season to a program where every fan is terribly disappointed in a 6-6 season.

If Sam retires within a couple of years, it’s because fans ran him off. There’s no reason to believe he’ll be fired within 5 years unless he does relatively worse than he has or if fans’ expectations get so high that 8-4, 9-3, or even better becoming reasons to fire. I see no reason to predict he’ll be fired. That seems to be saying he’ll never be any good. If that’s your view, you’re entitled to it, but I see no reason to believe he won’t continue to improve the program. Even this 6-6 record could have easily been 9-3 or even 10-2. We haven’t been able to say anything like that since 2011. Couldn’t say it many times before that.

Until and unless CSP proves he can get us no better than middle of the SEC, I want to keep him. It’ll take at least 3-4 years to determine that. After all, he already got us above that in his 2nd year.


No, that’s not my view at all. I think that, for the most part, the days of a coach being at the same school 7-10 years are gone. On the day same was hired, I predicted 5-6 years would be it.

that’s been true in the SEC lately, but that’s because Saban has won almost everything and nobody else is winning enough to keep the fans happy. Kirby Smart is going to beat 7 years. So will Mark Stoops. Too early to know about any of the others, but given SEC fans’ expectations and simple arithmetic (it’s mathematically impossible for everyone to win 60% or more of their games), I’m sure most SEC coaches won’t make it 7-10 years. But any one or two of them very well might. I’d like to think Pittman will because he’ll win enough for us to appreciate him & he will repay that appreciation by not looking for “greener pastures.”

Stoops just finished his 10th year at UK. Will be interesting to see if he’s poisoned the water for himself by raising expectations too much in Jellyland. I don’t think he’s in any jeopardy now, but if they’re substandard next year?

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I knew he’d been there a while, but didn’t realize it has already been 10. Anyway, that certainly helps make my point. Stoops hasn’t won at KY nearly at the level Saban has at Alabama, but he has made it a relevant football program & apparently KY recognizes it’d be hard to find a superior replacement. That’s the big key. It’s not just firing the guy who disappointed; it’s replacing him with someone who won’t. (See Fisher, Jimbo)

The A&M people have got to be stunned. The money is certainly absurd, but most college football people probably regarded that as a very good hire at the time.

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Almost all hires are regarded as good at the time. Scott Frost, Bret Bielema, Dan Mullin, Kevin Sumlin…The list is long. Most didn’t think Sam was a good hire. Despite the problem this year, he’s exceeded what just about everyone expected.


I think coaches from Sam’s generation will tire quickly from the circus that CFB has become - Portal, NIL, etc. It’s very difficult to manage and more coaches conditioned to the way it used to be will exit stage left. Expect Sam will be one of those.

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Can’t blame him either. Plus Sam couldn’t have picked a worse time to become a head coach. 1st year was Covid & limited recruiting. Then portal, nil, etc. I’m exhausted thinking about it.

Making $5 million + for a 3 year under .500 SEC record… I’d say he picked the perfect time to become a HC