So, Auburn and Gus are playing "chicken" this week.................

…and we all wait to see if Auburn steps up with a major contract extension, really big buyout, and Saban-like pay increase to keep Gus their coach. If they do all of that, Gus is off the table. If they drag their feet and Georgia wins the SECCG and Bama slips into the playoff (assuming Wisconsin or Oklahoma go down in their championship games) then Auburn’s fickle ways will continue to haunt Gus, making a “walk away home” more attractive. The chances are still slim that Gus comes back to Arkansas. If they should manage to beat Georgia, again, then he will be with his team through the playoffs which is too long for us to wait in my humble opinion.

Gus is on top of the Auburn world right now but when, not if, he loses to Georgia, or loses in the first round of the BCS, or fails to beat Bama again next year, he will be on the verge of being fired again, unless they step up now with a much improved contract. JMVHO

and of course a new improved contract still leaves GM at the whim of the fans, PTB, etc if/when he loses to bama, lsu again. So, if we know that, he knows that even more. Is he willing to continue to live with that? Does he consider the Arkansas job a “safer” environment? Enquiring people would like to know.

Gus is different. He has not “fit in” at Auburn and will always have a very short leash there. I think there is a “taint” to his success at Auburn with the national impression that he is winning with “bought” players and would not be as successful where there is not the “sophisticated” recruiting like there is in the state of Alabama. Maybe he wants to prove himself back home. Won’t know until Sunday.

The security blanket for Gus is that he has GREAT players at Auburn. Are some of them beat up right now? Yes, he’s got a lot of bruised and battered running backs. It does appear that a great defense is healthy. That’s the security blanket.

Perhaps it’s because it looks less & less like he might be available, but I’m warming somewhat to the idea of having him as the coach here. I’m still afraid he’d be divisive, but at least he’s proven he can win in the SEC & therefore knows what is required. That’s not true of any of our other reasonable prospects. However, I don’t expect him to come & if he did, I don’t expect he’d be as successful here as he’s been at Auburn. I’d like for him to be, but I’ve lowered my expectations a bit over the past few years. (Maybe when Saban leaves Bama & if some of our competitors make bad coaching hires, that will change.)

Regardless, I think the Gus ship has sailed. If he loses to UGA, we’ll find out for sure within a day or so afterward. If he beats UGA, we’ll know immediately he’s not coming.

Very good points made by all. My wife’s family are AU people, went to school there, have children there now, etc. We met them for the game in Fayetteville this year, and all they did was complain about Gus. It seemed to be the old “he’s not one of us” attitude. There is no doubt in my mind he would be more comfortable as the Razorback coach. He’s on the hot seat constantly back there, and if they lose to GA on Saturday I’m convinced he’ll be fired. Think of how ridiculous that is! As one of you pointed out, the strongest point to him staying is that he has so many good players coming back next year and I would assume they would be preseason top 5. As some of you have said, we’ll know Sunday…

Didn’t we just fire a “he ain’t one of us” AD??

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If GM hates Auburn as much as I am told by people close to him, I don’t know how much money/contract extension it would take to keep him there, irrespective how season plays out.

i think within this thread is all you need to know about the gus to arkansas rationale and possibilites

great thoughts guys/gals

This is exactly what I was thinking and posted last night. It makes sense.

If he wins the NC, I think it’ll buy him a down year. If he wins the NC this year and loses a game or two next year he will be safe for another year, however, if he goes on another 2-14 skid, he will be done.

“If” he wins an NC he will get a down year… we’re talking about what happens “if” he wins an NC! What we talking bout “practice” ? We talking about practice man.

Most everyone likes working close to home and the lure of being a home town hero to boot I believe is irresistible. Longevity and Auburn doesn’t belong in the same sentence and Gus knows that, and the Hog job is available now. If he shows up and puts Arkansas back in contention he will be here as long as he wants to coach and the AD job when he tires of coaching and do it in his own backyard surrounded by family and friends. Coaches dream of a lifetime opportunity such as this ! WPS