So apparently

A$M is a fraud. Kensucky played like s$%t against them, but still won. Miss St. lost to a VASTLY overrated Florida team. And don’t get me started on Vandy. WE need to continue putting wins together, starting Saturday! Go Hogs!


Where did everybody go? It’s early. (The time of day & not basketball)

Lots of teams with good players that sometimes play great, but aren’t good enough to beat similar teams when they don’t have their A game.

Auburn probably the exception, but Pearl’s teams seem to sometimes lose focus at times, too.

I think A&M was 1-23 on threes and shot the FTs poorly but was in the game till the buzzer. They played poorly as well. I expect they will shoot much better Saturday

A&M lost focus the last part of the game and keep jacking up 3’s when they needed to get to the hole.
Bottom line last night the hogs got help making up ground in the standings.
If the hogs win these next few games they will continue come back up the conference standings. Getting beat by Vandy at home will come back and bite the hogs in March. They need a lot of quality wins between now and then.

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