So anyone Know anything about Mizzou #1 RB

Watched some highlights - Mizzou RB #1 Bladie is a beast

and Mizzou Defense is improved

what are your thoughts ?

Blue we are going to win.

And that my friend with the Team vast improvement and Sam we make a great feel good story for the year. That makes a better bowl game.

More thoughts please.


Badie is an excellent back. One thing to watch Friday is how he holds up and how much burst he’s got. He’s had 200 carries this year, including 61 in the last two games.

I am not sure Missouri’s defense has improved much, but they have certainly benefited from playing a lot of bad offenses.

Missouri has only one road win this year-against Vandy.

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Oh Great note!!!

I’m ready for a win and a good bowl

I know there is a lot of talk of Arkansas to Music City - which is good for me - only a couple hours away

But I think these Hogs should be in Florida - but that’s just me

I think Coach Sam has made Arkansas one of the press darlings with this turn around

Beating Mizzou is a must to demonstrate the progress of the program

It also will have implications for dark horse SEC Coach of the year -

They traveled to UK. and UGA

Of course there was the trip to Boston all three of those road games were losses

They did beat Vandy

You mean road win? They’ve played a lot of road games.

I know nothing about him. I do hope they use him all day so we can win though.

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MU worries me much more than it did 3-4 weeks ago. Still, I think we should win. I’d like to jump out to a big lead and then expand it. Their QB isn’t as good as the ones we’ve faced the last several SEC games.

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I agree - get ahead and not turn back - make it where it is simply a Razorback fun fest

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Fixed the late night error on my first post in the thread.

Mizzou’s defense has been pretty soft on the road, I think Vandy even scored 28 on them. The opposition scored over 30 in the three road losses.

They have not been able to play much base defense this year to stop the run. They have been able to get away with bringing a lot of people up close to the line of scrimmage the last couple of weeks often enough to squeak out home wins against South Carolina and Florida.

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Yes he is…he torched us last year.

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And helped fire Dan Mullen this year

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If we can quickly forget Alabama and get healed, we win #8.

If we are still thinking Alabama, Missouri will beat us again

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If Morgan hadn’t hurt last year we most likely we would have beat them, I can’t remember but didn’t we have a big until he went out ?

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This team has demonstrated they have a short memory

Injuries are more important here

Cia h Sam use of the 4B’s is brilliant

They got two out of four now get number 4 for 3 and a better bowl for Larry

Arm tackles won’t bring him down. Wrap him up and hang tackle. He can make some moves.

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There are some good thoughts to have about the Bama game, we scored more on them that everyone this year but Ags. So positive feelings for the offense in some regards.

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As long as we don’t give their QB a record day running or passing, we win. Our run defense can handle a one back offense. He may have a good game, but we will have a better one.

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Unfortunately, with this 3 front drop 8 D we’ve seen so much of, we’ve had a lot of opposing QBs have record days. We better be multiple or it will be a long day.

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