So an assistant on back2back 2-10?

Go to all on this board who claim we have way more talent than a 2-10 record look at the potential coaching hire. A position coach at the university for the past 7 years and, of those 7 years has been apart of 4 losing records including back2back 2-10 records. This folks is what a team with little to no talent looks like. Shows that just because you have the money doesn’t mean they will take it. Coaches that would normally want the job( norvell, Blake Anderson, kiffin, others) saying not no but hell no. I am not even including the irrational fans who think urban or others would come.

Let’s just start to be patient and recruit

Recruit a head coach who can recruit and coaching staff that can develop, has the makings for success.

Well you better pray to the good lord above it is willie fritz. Made a career doing more with less