So, About Jeff Long...

Does the structuring of Coach B’s contract to constantly shrink the buyout change your opinion of JL any?
I would think he doesn’t seem quite as stupid now that the buyout isnt north of 15 million.
I am interested in hearing what the thoughts are now that he can jettison Coach B for a pittance (in athletic dollars)

Or is being a yankee just too much to handle?

I think a lot of people figured there was some type of fine print involved with some type of wiggle room but what I’ve heard most often is many do not trust him to make a replacement hire.

Get back to me after he hires Bielema’s replacement! :smiley:

This story doesn’t help Jeff Long. It puts more pressure on Jeff to make a change this year, if the year continues like it is trending.

Definitely puts a hush in his critics, but also puts him in a place where there is now no excuse to hold onto Bret, I think the possibility of a mid season fire just became a lot greater.

He will coach at least through 2018

Even if he wanted to fire him there will be to many jobs open this year and we are NOT the premier job, no matter what people think.

Yes great facilities, decent fans to a point. small recruiting base and still in the SEC west

it you were a coach would u pick Ark or Tenn?

Tennessee and Arkansas opened at the same time during the last coaching cycle. Who got the more established coach at that time?

Not a chance.

The hope has been sucked out of the fan base, and that is almost impossible to get back. You will see a much less than full DWRS after this 2 week stretch, maybe even for Auburn. Jeff won’t let it get to a point where it really hurts his job either, like it would if he drug this out another season. There will be plenty of good coaches to pick from, it doesn’t matter who Tennessee wants, who says we want that same guy? We have the money to throw at someone, and a team that is relatively close, with a super easy schedule to start the career off with a big boost of hope to the fans. The next coach should walk in and win 8 games next year. But as for Bret, he’s playing on house money right now, and that won’t last much longer.

I don’t think he’ll finish the year.

Also Auburn.

I keep saying you are wrong unless he unexpectedly pulls a “Gary Andersen”. But I don’t claim to be any sort of expert or have inside information.

I’m very interested to see the how the team reacts/plays out the rest of the season after 55-7 shellacking at Bama.

What has changed is the fans’ knowledge of the buyout. Obviously Jeff Long and Coach B have understood it all along. Now, the fact that fans understand it better could change the amount of pressure put on Long. I doubt Jeff Long has been “hiding behind” a misinterpretation of the contract.

This is spot on Gage.
It seems the Demozette has always sat on the sidelines of past coaching change debates in all major sports until it was very evident that a change was going to be made, and only then they would pile on. But for whatever reason they are really fanning the flames this time around. Just a hunch, but I bet it has less to do with BB and more to do with their UA (‘at Fayetteville’) agenda and the loss of LR games.

Aw c’mon IMAHOG. _ally _all has always been one to fan the flames.

Jeff Long got the more established coach. Anyone who has heard CBB talk about it knows he thought a lot of Long. Tenn made a poor choice because that’s what Tenn has done for the past 15+ years. If a coach is looking at SEC jobs, no question UT’s is more attractive. It’s more attractive if for no reason other than the SECE is easier than the SECW, even though that might change.

This is the key to me. If the team quits on him, he’s got real problems. As bad as I hate to say it, I can see the team quitting after 2 bad losses to Bama & Auburn. 0-4 in the SEC would discourage anyone. On the other hand, if the team bounces back from what I expect to happen in the next two games, we might very well win 2, perhaps even 3, SEC games. I think this team likes & respects CBB. That’s good for a number of reasons. Still, it’s going to require more than desire & character to win 6 games. Right now, we just don’t seem to be a very good team.

He’s physically and emotionally drained… the program is a wreck, he knows it, and he knows he can’t fix it. Just no answers.

I fully expect him to negotiate a buyout such that he gets what would be owed to him on 12/31 or perhaps a little more and quits and Enos or Rhodes finishes things out after the Aub game.

Let’s Arkansas get started on their search and he gets to start on his life after the Razorbacks … win win

Just my opinion

You may be right, Jackson. I have a little different take. I don’t think JL will fire him midseason; it’s not his style. He always talks about evaluating after the season. And I don’t see CBB resigning midseason because that would have the look of quitting on the team, which I don’t think he’ll do. We all heard how CBP was roasted by the media for leaving the Falcons midseason for Arkansas, so I don’t think–if this is going to happen–that it happens before the season is over. Unless the players decide to stage some kind of revolt. Just my thinking.

I think he finishes the season regardless. It’s likely there’s some negotiated buyout, but I’d be very surprised if either JL or CBB ends it during the mid-season. As for a “coaching search” there’s no reason to formally start it in Oct or Nov. If Long thinks this is the end, he can & will be quietly searching through back channels. That can be done even if the current HC is in place. Besides, any “head start” for us isn’t going to make us any more or less attractive to any prospective coach.

The reason to get started is early signing date. The new guy needs to be on board ideally within a couple of days of the Mizzou game. Like Herman was at Texas last year. On board within 48 hours of Strong being let go.