So a fan

Accountability? To who? Joe Fan, who may not even buy tickets but is crazy enough to buy an ad? Jeff Long works for Joe Steinmetz and the trustees, either one of which could get rid of him if they don’t like how he’s running the department. I see no signs of that happening.

I looked at the list of RF donors in the football media guide. I don’t find a James Rogers anywhere. Which is about what I thought. The guy who paid for the full-page ads against HDN didn’t buy tickets either.

You may want to reconsider how you are coming across. “Joe Fan” may not pay for the stadium, but he does pay for this website and magazine. You are usually arrogant, and i think we get it and over-look it, but you may to reign it in on this one.
Yes, the guy that took out that add is a tool … should not have been done … but, you know what … his stats are right.

Call a waahmbulance. I have as much right to my opinions, and to post them, as you do to yours.

Ha, ha … that response fortifies your online persona as a giant tool. I get that you don’t care, and neither do I … but you are not helping your cause. In fact, your hard line arrogance just galvanizes those determined to crush you. You should learn flexibility… of mind and heart.

I just wanna say that I LOVE your signature. I feel the same way and it helps to recognize a kindred soul.

Have an awesome day

Oh Gosh, let Swine be Swine. I bet he could do the splits back in the disco era.
Ooops sorry wrong flexibility I’m referring to.

I am soo for letting Swine be Swine. I totally appreciate what he beings to this discussion. I check the RRS cam that he brought to this board everyday.

I just wish Swine would let other be others. Lets not just attack a view because its not your view.

I know every fan has a right to an opinion and to aggressively make that opinion known. If the guy is willing to pony up the money for the ad, he has that right. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really help matters. CBS sports has made this a nationwide story. Many people who think JL, CBB and CMA are good for Arkansas will remember that, and if any of the three leave, will not want to come to Arkansas because fans do things like this. It’s not likely to find replacements for those three that will cost less than the $8 million they are being paid. Just my opinion.

You’re right … the guy that ran that add probably did as much harm as the good he hoped for. It’s usually never a good idea to air dirty laundry in such public way. But can anyone dispute the numbers?

Should we, as fans, be happy with this numbers? Or, should we just take it because we are not million dollar donors? I think that is where this thread headed, and I was just asking the question.

This is a very solid post. I disagree with you a lot. But, I agree that part of our identity is being an everyman/woman program and we would do well to remember it.

That’s why I have always said that, while I think all the games should be on campus, I don’t consider the GSD to be the absolute slam dunk decision that many want to characterize it as. I have lived in Fayetteville, LR and NEA and understand there are layers to the situation and it needs to be dealt with, skillfully.

As for the ad, it’s dumb. I appreciate that people can spend their money as they see fit and his stats are correct.

But, if change and improvement are the goal, an ad like that seems counterproductive.

Long and Bielema would have to be completely tone deaf to be unaware that there are growing numbers of people who are mad about the way the FB team played this year.

So, does placing an ad forward the agenda? It will merely be used by schools and media to mock us and Bielema.

Now, having said that, I think we need an AD that makes the big wigs and the Everyman both feel like they are important parts of the program.

In general, IMO, Long does that. I don’t mistake his unwillingness to throw shade at sitting HCs as acceptance of recent results. But I also think that he is going to be tested in the next few years and how well he does will largely determine the course of the programs.

Guess I am old school and suspect I retain some of the values that were imparted to me in my growing up that some may not accept or value, but for the life of me I do not understand the arrogance or self importance that allows a person to feel the right to make a statement or take an action that can easily be misconstrued to represent the feeling of a entire program. Yes, this may be a bit dramatic, but other boards and the national media have picked this up and no matter how you preface it, it still reflects a bit on the entire fan base.

I know it is too much to expect that others see our Razorbacks as an extension of our family and resolve our concerns and issues with a little more privacy, but I think most people who are not show boating or stroking their own self importance realize that if they truly feel change is necessary, understand there are processes to address their concerns and certainly ones that don’t have nearly as much potential negative impact on the program as the method they seem to prefer and enjoy. One other sad aspect, is this type of person likely sees their action as somewhat heroic or courageous.

Well now that is going to be the BEST ammo to be used AGAINST us for the final 2 weeks of recruiting. This is going to damage our image with recruits that are now going to be told, “hey Bielema’s toast now that they have ads in the statewide newspaper and this is the stuff they did to get Houston Nutt fired…and it worked. Don’t you want to play for a school where you know your coach is going to be there past next season?”

This could have very easily been done with posts on message boards to start a letter writing campaign to Jeff Long. Being a sports fan in the day of the internet and message boards is becoming too difficult to tolerate.

This is why we don’t deserve nice things…we have some stupid fans.

This fan obviously only looks at wins and losses as the barometer. While winning matters, it isn’t the end all be all of our athletic program. I like the enthusiasm, but I’m 100% positive that anyone that has seen our balance sheet as well as the academic accomplishments of our student athletes would never put out an article like this.

It was interesting that someone who lives out of state would write the governor. I am not sure someone in another state will gain his ear. Maybe.

Wins and losses are the most important thing in the career of a coach, but not the only thing. All of the graduation rates and positives in the program are important. And they are important in recruiting and the longevity of the program. So to get that in the right direction in every men’s and women’s program on campus is important. I applaud that in Long’s time at Arkansas. And there are some programs winning at a good level. Not all. What has happened with football, the two basketball programs and baseball is not fun for fans, so I get all of the complaints and ill feelings. I understand them big time.

You better win. And, you better not lose in bad ways. A team that wins the first half in a big way should not lose the second half in exactly the same way.

James Rogers “Josh” Hall Jr.

There are a few programs like WVU, Tenn and Arkansas where a few fans seem incapable of keeping it classy when a coach lands on the hot seat. Of course there are other programs where fans have acted stupidly, but the three mentioned above will reliably add to the lore of messy coaching changes each and every time they fire a coach. The administrations of those schools certainly know how to create epic firing events, but the lead up to the coaching changes is where the fans contribute their insane handiwork.

I have been alarmed since the Belk Bowl that the crazies would come out. Why cant we just have civil debate about coaches? I guess the answer to that is the same as to the question, “Why cant we have world peace?” We are still living with the consequences of Eve pulling that apple off that tree and taking a bite. To borrow and slightly restate an annology used by CBB, when we gussy up, Humanity can look real good. But wen we get behind closed doors and take off our makeup, Humanity can look like crap warmed over.

If you ever get to feeling too smug about how intelligent our fan base is, just tune in to DTS any afternoon between 4:00 and 7:00 pm.

Has it been brought up on Bo’s show or DTS that the person that did this is an Ole Miss fan? The truth needs to get out there fast.

Fair assessments, both of you.

I think the degree of acceptance of the results of his HCs will be or should be indicative of the next contract extensions for each, or maybe the lack there of. Buyouts should absolutely be renegotiated if BB gets any contract extension in the next couple of years. JMO

I’m positive he won’t be firing either.

Mike Anderson is 15-4, which probably would be about equal to 5-2 at this point in a football season. Not in the top 25, or getting votes, but at this point a reasonably solid NCAAT pick. Which could be thrown away with a late slump. In FB, of course 5-2 means a probable bowl team but nothing more than that; we could finish 10-2 or 6-6. The problem with football, of course, is that we went from 6-3 to 7-6 late in the year, and as JFB would say, “they remembah in Novembah.” Hopefully, tonight that becomes 16-4, and 16 wins would equal last year’s total with 12 games still to play. So unless we just completely go in the tank in February, 20 wins is probably a floor for this team, and Mike is not getting fired for that.

Regarding BB, it’s going to take a whole lot of people voting with their checkbooks to put him on a real hot seat IMO. Such as a big dropoff in season ticket sales for 2017. There might have been a little dropoff anyway, even if we’d finished 9-4 or so, because the 2017 home slate doesn’t include Bama, LSU, Ole Miss and Florida; our fans have shown that the team in white is what gets them into the stadium, not the team in red/anthracite. But a hit in ticket sales and RF donations would absolutely get Jeff’s attention, as it should. Ads in the paper only serve to give ammo to our rivals (and, it seems, may have been placed by our rivals).

First, I continue to like CBB and am not ready for him to hit the trail.

But if I were wanting to ditch him, I cannot do it with by tampering with my season tickets. I just imagine the one time I do not purchase season tickets will bounce me out of the program altogether. That’s counterproductive for the program and it hurts me, not CBB or the AD.

Better to take out an ad, or fly a banner, or write the AD, or governor. But I am not gonna give up my tickets.