So a fan

put an ad in the Democrat today about the athletic program??? I understand you may be upset, but that is rather ridiculous.

Here is the article you refer to I guess. Read it earlier this morning. … ielema-ad/

Keepin it classy, Hog Fans. Can we get a plane with a banner too, please?

Arkansas has the most ignorant fans in the country. They think we should be a top program every year with all the recruiting disadvantages we have at the school.

Politically stupid, too.

Some fans do not just lay down and accept the poor play we’ve seen up there over the last few years. Spin it how you like and make excuses about poor little Arkansas and its inability to recruit, but it’s been poor. Good fans are angry and frustrated. I understand the anger and frustration. Do you all not?

Long, Bielema, and Mike Anderson should all be on the hot seat pending much better results. The impression of many is that the entire athletic department is tone deaf. The average fan wants to win, first and foremost. Long and the athletic department seem to prioritize other achievements or building projects over winning.

The ad is ridiculously stupid, I’ll conceived, and poorly written. But I do understand the motivation behind it. Fans are frustrated. There will be a lot more of this or worse if things don’t start changing, and soon. And especially if the tone deafness from Long and others continues.

Yeah, you can’t fix stupid, there will be more of this nonsense.

This guy seems to be as offended by the spending as by the losing. Can somebody explain that to me? You’d think JL was spending tax money. Maybe that’s the problem; people still don’t understand that UA athletics is self-supporting. Now if you’re upset that BB and MA are making millions for “mediocre” results, that’s one thing, but if you fire them and hire somebody else the new guys aren’t going to be any cheaper.

I think it is the perception that the spending is occurring without real accountability, and with a twinge of arrogance. All against the backdrop of no solid results on the court or field.

Many average fans think the state funds the athletic program. They don’t bother to learn or get bogged down in the nuances of the Razorback Foundation and whatnot. Sure, the facts are the facts, but most don’t care about the real facts. They think Razorback athletics are part of the taxpayers’ burden, want a good product, and demand accountability for losing.

Accountability? To who? Joe Fan, who may not even buy tickets but is crazy enough to buy an ad? Jeff Long works for Joe Steinmetz and the trustees, either one of which could get rid of him if they don’t like how he’s running the department. I see no signs of that happening.

I looked at the list of RF donors in the football media guide. I don’t find a James Rogers anywhere. Which is about what I thought. The guy who paid for the full-page ads against HDN didn’t buy tickets either.

Oh, I’m very familiar with the concept of “alternative facts,” as we’re hearing on the Sunday talk shows this weekend. And some of them apply to Razorback athletics as well.

The guy who paid for the ad is an accountant in Memphis, I’m pretty sure he understands where the money comes from. As far as, accountability, Long has people he answers to. People aren’t happy with the results, but writing the Governor is just plain stupid, lol.

See, here’s the issue. Part of our recruiting pitch is the Arkansas Razorbacks is the only horse in a one horse state. The whole state is behind the program. Plus, every day, non-UA alum fans buy tickets and buy lots of merchandise.

To me, all this means as AD, you have to give credit to and appreciate every single fan in the entire state. Not just the ones who are alums, or the ones who donate big or moderate money.

And I think you have to communicate your vision for success to everyone, not just to the big money donors. And in a humble, non-corporate way. I think Broyles was actually pretty good at this. Maybe even real good at it.

I’ve always thought the athletic program, in many ways, does belong to the entire state. And I’ve thought the Razorback Foundation, in some ways, really detracts from that.

So when you ask, “accountable to whom?” My response would be to the entire state. There is a great responsibility there. I’ve never thought Long has fully appreciated that responsibility.

Yet, we couldn’t have all the nice toys we have if it wasn’t for the RF and corporate sponsors. This part of the game has changed since Frank was in his “heyday”, for better or worse.

Not really. I think it’s changed a lot less than you think. The scale is larger, but the politics and skills required are the same

This guy should help put up the money for Saban and his staff.

And some are better at it then others.

Not at all surprised that the majority of your response seemed to be agreeing with the person whose actions you disagreed. While I might have your sentiment a bit wrong, it seems because you are not hearing wailing and knashing of teeth that the Athletic Department is oblivious.
Why wouldn’t the word coming out of the Athletic Department be more focused on the positive aspects, grades, new facilities, total sports ranking, etc? What are you wanting Long to do or say.
Whether it suits us, part of the road to competitiveness, especially in the SEC is keeping up with the Jones’ facility wise, why would we not expect a big part of Long’s visible focus be on raising and spending money? the ante for playing in the SEC seems to get higher each year.

Isn’t this the same guy that put an ad out when Nutt was here?

The name sounds familiar, that was my first recollection on it, too.

Freedom of speech working overtime here.
Why write the Governor though lol ???