Snow in the Ozarks

It’s snowing in Fayetteville this afternoon. It’s not cold enough to be a problem. My wife texted me from work and thinks it’s beautiful, but I look out the window and think, “It looks COLD!!!”

Yep, we’re supposed to get our first real freezes of the season down here (two weeks later than normal) Friday and Saturday nights, so I picked my remaining 187 fall tomatoes (from just larger than a golf ball to full-sized and showing color) today. Drop by (if you’re in the area) for fried green tomatoes with crabmeat and hollandaise or shrimp and remoulade, although in a couple of weeks or so they (those that haven’t already been eaten) should ripen in the box. You guys enjoy the snow. I had about all that I care for when I lived up there. Still miss the area and the great people and the live Hogs though. Thanks to you and the crew for keeping us expatriots so well informed on the Hogs!

88 in West Palm Beach today, you guys can keep your snow.