Snaps for Hammonds at RB?

I wonder will Hammonds get some snaps in the backfield this week due to the injuries at the position? I think that I read that the Big RB from Crowley Tx suppose to get some time but I wouldn’t trust a true freshman in that environment sharing carries.

Hammonds has always been slowed for Playing time due to fumbling.

Agree. Something about him makes plays break down.

I agree! Just not sure about the True Freshman in a game like this but he could come in a be a nice change of pace RB

I think that is because he is used as the cutesy play specialist. Cutesy doesn’t work very well when there is penetration in the backfield.

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Good point

True freshman Dante Buckner from white hall was dressed out as 3rd string RB. That’s from his mouth as I’m from white hall to.

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By all appearances, three different coaching staffs have never appeared to get comfortable with letting Hammonds carry the ball between the tackles. That makes it hard to play him at RB in this offense.

Refresh my memory–has he ever had a successful “straight-up” play? I agree that he and KJ seem to be employed strictly for those cutesy plays.

He took one to the house during Morris first year.

It seems like Hammond had a few chances early in his career, but most everything ended up going outside one way or another-it was either a called outside run or he bounced it outside.

Career wise rushing:
2016 15-88 1 TD
2017 20-170 with an 88 yard TD run
2018 10-28
2019 8-65
He caught a total of 10 passes in those four years.

Left White Hall in 83 lived on Nancy street.

I live off hwy 104, been here since a kid. 30yrs.

Grew up in the Fairgrounds graduated from Dollarway in 69. Learned to drive on Hwy. 104. We’ve been in Chattanooga since 98 and will stay since there are 7 grands nearby. Get back to PB for weddings and funerals.

I hear ya, small world. I graduated in 99. So it’s changed a lot since you’ve left. Still a good little town to live in though.

Yep it’s home. We had a farm on the Grant/Jefferson county line 270 in the 70’s. Love that area.

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Auburn is playing a true freshman at running back. Nolan had a good quote about the bark of a pup.

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I heard a lot good things about him… Im originally from that area as well, went to Watson Chapel and graduated in 00… Would love to see a kid from the 870 area get some touches!

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My nephew was a coach and AD at Chapel then. He’s an assistant superintendent now. John Hayden.

Yes… Coach Hayden was a great coach and a great person, He was my Defensive coordinator in highschool… Those twins that he had were tough as nails LOL