Smyly Awesome for six

Braves 9
Dodgerks 2

He only threw 4 because he came in in a second after Chavez started the game but he was amazing!! As good as I’ve seen him pitch all year which is amazing cuz he had not pitched in 18 days… we really needed him and he came through!

I believe Smyly went 3.1 but that is close to 4. Lol

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Looking like a Hog pitcher may get the WS ring no matter what. Stanek for Houston, Smyly for Atlanta.

Smyly had the two off speed pitches working. Slow and slower. He was working that bottom half of the zone to perfection. I’ve never seen a pitcher hit the bottom line of k zone so many times. With movement, too.

Yep. Put that performance with some others this year and I am hopeful that his one year contract with Atlanta works to resurrect his MLB career. I think this may be the best contract he has had in sometime. Whether Atlanta resigns him or he goes elsewhere next year, I am happy for him and the other Hogs in the Bigs.

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