SMU's Hicks headed to Arkansas … -arkansas/

Would have been nice to get somebody with Kelly Bryant’s wheels but Hicks is probably the best option we could have gotten otherwise. Already knows the offense backwards and forwards and can help bring along Noland, JSJ and KJ.

Welcome and I wish him and the team well.

He throws the ball well but it will be a big adjustment to the speed of the SEC I’ hope he can be a big spark to us and allow us to open up more of this playbook. Welcome aboard Ben.

Welcome Mr. Hicks

Happy to see this. I hope Hicks addition and the new WR corps can
add some much need punch to our offense. Even if they are world
beaters, if we don’t fix the Oline, it won’t matter if he is the second
coming of Peyton Manning and the WRs are Antonio Brown Clones,
If you got no protection, you’ll spend all your time getting pummeled.

Benny Football! ghg

That sounds too much like Benny Baseball. I’ll have to see some proof of OUTSTANDING play to go for that sobriquet.

Did he ever say why he’s transferring? To be a starter and wanting to transfer is rare. What gives?

Marcm…I think I read in an RD article or DD article that he had always dreamed of playing in the SEC when he was growing up so I think that is a big reason why or one of the major reasons why but could be wrong.

Trying to create “good” karma! ghg

Welcome aboard Mr. Hicks!

I know we all had hoped for others that were on the transfer market but in the end I feel this is the best option for us. As I mentioned before, we can’t fall out of a hole at this position and if his numbers are like his last year numbers or near 2017 then it should translate into a few more wins for us. More importantly, I feel his knowledge of the offense will be like having another coach on the field during practice and games for the younger QB’s. He will be able to help us open up the playbook more along with teaching the younger guys the intricacies of the offense, how to better read progressions in certain situations or plays and probably make quicker decisions during plays than last years QB’s. Going forward this could be a real big boost to the younger QB’s for the future.

Welcome aboard sir and I hope that you have success as a Hog!

Adding a solid, experienced QB can only help the team, including the other QB’s and our WR’s.

I know he hasn’t played in the SEC, but he’s played against Houston and Memphis and some legitimate teams. A lot better than we’ve been the past few years, unfortunately.

When does he arrive? Let’s hope he has solid leadership skills and gets the guys together for lots of passing drills.

Glad to hear this! can’t wait to watch him at the Red-White game


Including the 25-game-win-streak UCF team that beat Auburn. SMU came as close to beating UCF in 2017 as anyone.

I hope this doesn’t affect K J Jefferson coming here if he was planning on starting.

Chances of KJ starting as a true freshman without going through spring practice are slim and none. He’s already signed; he’s coming. Would have been coming if we’d gotten Kelly Bryant too.

Apart from the prove yourself at a higher level/show you are a pro prospect typical transfer stuff, I’m not sure that Hicks meshed well with either the new offense or Dykes.

Sonny Dykes runs the Air Raid, which is a lot different than CM’s offense. The transition was not real smooth.

For one thing, SMU’s rushing offense fell off a cliff, going from 2397 yards in 2017 under CM to 1386 last year. Dykes also played the backup QB he brought in about 20% of the time versus the backup in 2017 playing almost none. Yet, Hicks got sacked five more times, and likely also got hit a lot more, which almost always happens with an Air Raid QB.

So it was not a real fun year. He’s traded whatever SMU’s prospects are for 2019 for a chance to play at a higher level, with a coach he knows and trusts, in an offense he’s comfortable with, and he has the inside track on starting.

I put up a link on the football board for a game against TCU b/c they had SEC type talent on defense so check out out if you want to see him against the type talent he will see in the SEC.