Ranked in top 25. Best wins Pittsburg.TCU and Stanford.
Losses Michigan, USC, Boise State and Cinncy ( also top 25) only loss that could be considered a bad loss. American conference. 2 top 25 teams and more respect than the SEC. I guess we played and beat them in a year that it did not matter

Have you watched them play

They are a true team with only 6 guys who really play

Shoot well. Rebound well. Play defense well.

My only concern is playing 6 guys in tourney time and legs giving out on them with short turnaround times

Just a biased opinion as I have a vested interest

Pony Up

I don’t take them likely just another team that has seat no one. I don’t care if they have 5 to 15 players. Look at their schedule and see who they have played
Compare wins and losses.

I’m sorry, but this makes no sense.

SMU has beaten no one except Cincinnati
They have horrible losses and will not win their conference or tournament. Put them in the SEC and see how they stack up or any other power 5

Check the schedule

They have won 20 out of the last 21

Don’t care what league your playing in that is a difficult feat

They will be a 5 or 6 seed depending on their tourney results

SMU’s 24 wins have included 17 100+ opponents, 9 of which are 200+. By comparison, Arkansas has played 13 100+ opponents and 5 200+. They kept their foot on the pedal against several cream puffs, which helps their efficiency rankings. They are a good ball club. It isn’t easy to win on the road in conference, but it shows that generally there isn’t much difference between 20-50 in the rankings. It’s not irrational to believe that we would have 24 wins against their schedule, which has been lighter than ours by any measure. We would certainly have at least a couple of more wins.

We have 3 losses that are horrible. We do have a common opponent of SMU. That being Houston. Houston lost both games.
The American conference sure doesn’t stack up with any power 5.
I do like and respect Larry Brown.
I’d venture to say their BPI and RPI would look totally different in the SEC. You could also add Wichita State to this. But I do believe SMU would beat the Shockers.
I would be happy for our Hogs to play both of these teams every year.

What do you think of Tim Jankovich?

I’ve been to 3 SMU home games this year. UH, East Carolina, and Cincy. This is a very good team. They actually go 7 deep. Starters are all long, athletic and can really shoot it. Defend too. They have a big kid, Seme Oeyjele (sp?), a Duke transfer that reminds me of Corliss on the blocks, but who can also step out and shoot the 3. He’s a very good player. I’m not saying they are a lot better than the Hogs, but I do think they are better this year. I look for SMU to be at least a Sweet 16 team this year. They’re gonna make a run.

I might also add Moody Coliseum is now a helluva place to watch a college basketball game. Serves beer, George W. Bush is at a lot of games, good music and in-game promos, students sit right behind the team benches (like Duke), and the newly remodeled gym is really cool. Capacity is about 7,500. It was rocking against Cincy.

I have heard about the Duke transfer. He’s a player.

Not sure why there is such a bias from you against non power 5 schools in basketball

They play the schedule in front of them and they win.

Wichita State and SMU are good teams pure and simple.

There are plenty of power 5 teams that are not

I live in Dallas and went to the SMU - Cincy game, it was a decent atmosphere but nothing like BWA with a good opponent. Not saying BWA is what it used to be but I thought most people at the SMU - Cincy game were like myself, given free tickets and didn’t have a dog in the fight.

I do think it looks a lot better on TV how they have the student section places mid court, makes it look way crazier than it really is.