SMU stats

The defensive stats are bad, which is really not surprising. Recruiting for defense is always tough for non-Power 5 teams, and SMU’s defense has a stat line that you would expect for a re-building team in their conference. Did force a respectable 23 turnovers.

The offensive stats are pretty interesting. Their QB, Ben Hill, has only rushed 47 times all year, which in college includes sacks, and SMU has given up 30 sacks. Rafe Peavy, the back up, barely played at all, so what you have is a QB that seldom runs the ball. Now Morris has certainly coached RPO guys like Taj Boyd, but there is no reason to think that he has to have an RPO guy to be successful.

They ran for 185 yards a game this year, which is not bad considering they were in a lot of situations where they were behind. No fullbacks of course, so I don’t know what happens to our pair of FBs, who are both good football players. They did have a 1000 yard rusher.

They do use the TEs, and have a bunch of them on the roster, so that works with our returning players. As you would expect, they throw for lots and lots of yard.

Time of possession was not bad, they averaged a bit over 29 minutes of TOP a game.

Good info. Doesn’t sound from those stats that CM goes super-hurry-up like Gus does. I also notice on my own review of SMU’s stats that it’s close to a 50-50 run/pass mix (445 rushes, 453 passes). Of course those 445 rushes include the 30 sacks. They average almost 75 offensive plays per game; we averaged 67.

He might go a bit faster here, but it sounds more like what a lot of the spread teams do, line up and let the OC see what the defense shows, and then signal in the play.

Comparatively, Super hurry Auburn averaged 72 plays, Clemson just over 75.

One thing I’ve noticed about Gus over the years: They don’t crank the tempo up until they get a first down on a particular series. Which makes sense if you think about it; three and out with a hurry-up and the D may not even get a chance to get a cup of Gatorade before they go back out. And early in the season Auburn’s offense wasn’t very effective. They only had 66 total plays in the Clemson game (and Clemson only had 67).