Smu decommits

A handful of SMU decommits that left after Chads departure signed with Power 5 teams.

Tight end- UCLA
OT- Texas
Safety - Arizona State
RB-OK State

I didn’t realize that. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I know they let Goodsen and Hanspard go too. Makes me wonder about different staffs evaluations of players. I’ve never been a stars guy. I won’t go into that right now though, but it will be interesting to see how this staff evaluations pan out. We won’t know for at least 2 years.

Spike Dykes runs the Air Raid, so the TEs die of neglect and the RBs are more of an afterthought, so you could see where some of those guys would look elsewhere. It is interesting that Power Five schools signed these guys, which gives a subtle indication that maybe CM and staff do have a clue on finding overlooked talent.

On the other hand when Arkansas takes a guy who was committed to a non-Power Five school there is a segment of our fan base that will immediately say that we are settling for players who can’t play in the SEC.

Case in point, John Stephen Jones.

I wonder if we made a run at the OT that went with Texas?

I doubt it. The staff got plenty of negative feedback for the two they brought from SMU. Woods and Robinson. Woods had an OK offer list but I believe he was underecuited. Robinson didn’t have a lot of offers but he is a coach’s son and two of his teammates(Moore brothers) had offers from Arkansas. One signed with TAMU and the other with Texas.

I doubt “negative feedback” did anything to their evaluations. If they liked them against what they were recruiting elsewhere, they would have signed them.

I second that.

Negative feedback - of which there was very little - wouldn’t bother these guys at all in terms of their evaluations.

Media and fans give themselves too much credit at times.

Yeah. Y’all are right. Negative feedback was poor choice of words.

:lol: Amen.