SMS er uh MO St at Arkansas

well this team is light yrs better than anybody we have played in the midweek,I knew this was going to be a nightmare possibility

I’ve gotta be honest, this team just isn’t as fun to watch as some of our other teams. It seems like we’re playing from behind every game.

This team is giving up around 8 runs a game and we have 1. Hope the bats wake up.

no they make it hard on you for sure,hardly ever score in the 1st 3 innings against good competition,amazingly they usually pull it out but you go through 2 packs of cigs whether you smoke or not

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New pitcher. Same results. :joy::joy:

if you are LH or throw a lot of offspeed this team is in trouble,not going to happen tonight I’m afraid

This is frustrating to watch. Batters have no clue.

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2 base hits. Argh

Yep. Unreal. We are making this team look real good.

They swing the bat so much better than we do it’s embarrassing… all of their guys look like they can hit the ball. They all take good swings

At some point, don’t we have to drop the “we hope the bats wake up” line of thinking? It is probably better to hope for more walks or errors. 40+ games is enough to know that the bats are what they are.

Here we go again. This might get ugly.

Okay guys now that we have sufficiently made them think they are going to win this game…

It’s 7th inning stretch time. This is when we usually start hitting

In my best Harry caray voice

Let’s get some runs!!!

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I just hate to see a take on first pitch right down the middle, foul the nxt then swing at something in the dirt.

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Poor Bob Moore nobody has been robbed more than him.

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I swear, every single game lately seems like those Nebraska and North Carolina State games from last year. It’s exhausting! Butterflies in the stomach consistently!

Matt, I was thinking the same thing.
If you are waiting for this offense to “wake up”, you are gonna be waiting for a long time. They are what they are. We almost look this way against every pitcher we face. Doesn’t seem to matter who it is.

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He definitely ain’t hitting it where they ain’t.

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You can count on that! Moore has hit a lot of balls right on the nose and right at people all year long!

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Just to show you how bad this performance is their team era is over five they only have one or two guys with ERA under 4

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