SMS er uh MO St at Arkansas

It’s 57 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

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Missouri state has got a really good offensive team will be a real test for Mcentyre… they have a 297 team batting average and they are throwing a solid left hander at us

I think he will have a god outing. I want to see the offense get rolling.
Turner Took the K with sun glasses looking!

2 straight K’s with RISP…

Yep. Let a few pitches go down the middle and just watched. :coffee::sunglasses:

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Completely different pitcher going from the stretch. That pitch was flat.

That’s why you don’t walk people . This team can stroke the ball and way that LH mowing us down just going to be a battle to say the least

Boom! Way to go Leach too bad it was a solo

Leach can flat out hit the ball!

[quote=“youdaman, post:9, topic:51814”]
too bad it was a solo
[/quote]That’s 'cause we have no walks.

Walks have been part of our opponents scoring the last 2 weeks. The Texas A&M game 1 that’s what beat the hogs.

Yet another LH with 5+ ERA just totally schooling this team… Throwing about 80% breaking balls. Two hits in four innings smh

Swinging at junk. Smh

The hogs just try to pull to much junk. Go the other way and drive the ball
Just plain mind blowing.

i’d hate to lose this game. Down 3-1. Surely we can get some runs. Don’t need to lose this game to mid-level team.

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just for reference this guy had given up 40 hits in 39 innings coming in…

Their pitcher looks like a Friday night starter. 5 plus ERA and we have two hits. Unreal

they are better than their record 4-4 against power 5 teams outscoring them 53 -45 just no pitching unless of course they are playing us…this guy will throw 7 against us more than likely,so I don’t like our chances at all.

That seems to be an on going issue with our hogs not being able to crush non conference teams.